A Lying, Sinful Forelock

I wrote in my previous article about (Mind Hijacking) in it we explained in details the roll of the subconscious mind in making decisions for humans and how recent neural and brain studies uncovered for us that most of the brain functions is in the area of the subconscious mind or as explained by a senior researcher in this field ‘Dr. Gregory Berns’ from Emory University in the United States by saying: “Most of human decisions are made in the subconscious mind with different levels of interception”.


And after tens of years of studies, they discovered the way those brain circuits function, as well as the roll of the frontal cortex and in specific the part called Anterior Cingulate in checking the accuracy of information that runs through the brain spontaneously and continuously, and the roll of dopamine in making the physiological changes in the frontal cortex either by creating an ecstasy or frustration.


By this, modern science confirmed that frontal cortex is the auditor and the examiner of information entering the brain, which in its part is subjected to the effects of the subconscious and dopamine substance.


We ended our last article by confirming the importance of questioning ourselves as individuals and communities on the massive amount of information that is produced by other nations and is focused on us, day and night, spoon feeding us from various multimedia’s forcing us to a certain lifestyle, all this from the making and manufacturing and planning of others, what is the role of all that in shaping the mentality of a Muslim individual and community and effecting their abilities in making independent decisions ?


The real battle facing our nation in this period of time is not the battle of occupying lands or freeing others, but the battle of occupying the mind and thought and the emancipation of mind and thought, it is not by changing nations and people with other nations and people, but changing a thought instead of another though, a principal instead of another principal and faith instead of another faith, for human beings are the power of life, they are the ones who develops and defends and the earth only responds to human acts.


I wrote in another previous article, published in the Middle East newspaper, titled (Media & Occupation) in it, I said: “If you want to occupy or destroy a nation, occupy their thinking and their sense of thought, defeat their well and faith in their cause, if you do, all their lands and future will soon follow willingly, the most deadly weapons of intellectual occupation is Media. And the recent events that went between righteous and evil people in the holy lands, pitched us news of joy as it shocks with painful facts, as for the joyful news goes for the Zionist efforts and their helpers long ago to occupy our children’s thoughts have failed, and the upraise is still alive in our hearts from east to west, but the painful fact that shocked us is our helplessness to reach with our humane message to people of the world, and where Zionists hire global media to serve their interests and goals, faking facts, selecting news and information that only helps their case, showcasing, writing and transmitting their claims, while the world does not read, does not listen or see the facts as they are, but as the global media makes of it, thus making decisions and life with it, while we read, listen and see with them put powerless to do anything, where are we from global media and its industry?”


Where are we from the Arabic and Muslim Media as a replacement to protect the Muslim minds from occupation, how could we neglect what has been made by studied and directed media after September 11th in the individuals minds and their communities, and the effect of media on the subconscious mind, and the forming of structures to proceed from it as individuals and communities in our evaluation to our global causes and defending our rights.


Without finding alternative strong conscious and effective media, it will keep occupying the most precious and valued place on earth and widest spaces of the universe, it is the mind of a true Muslim, that only with it can the inheritance of earth continue for humans, with it only can the earth be what its creator wants it develop, with it only can earth be free, from worshiping worshipers to worshiping the creator, with it only can rule divine justice and divine mercy will prevail.


And those who are satisfied with anything but divine justice; their frontal cortex has been deceived with a lying, sinful one.