And to Delegate Things to the Experts

Abraham Lincoln was known as a man of principles and justice before history described him as the greatest president of the United States, with lots of sayings and actions that testify and support history’s judgment upon him.


One of the things for which he dedicated his life and made many sacrifices and was able to achieve was to lay the principles of equality and free the slaves in America.


There are many stances in the man’s life that are worth mentioning for the equality and wisdom they carry, and wisdom is the believer’s pursuit, wherever he finds it he is more worthy of it.


When Lincoln was preparing for the presidential elections, one of his worst enemies, Edwin Stanton, was working hard trying to bring him down in every way possible.


After Lincoln won the elections and became the president of the United States, he assigned ministers and assistants until he got to the most important position: the minister of military affairs. He chose Edwin Stanton for that position, which surprised and angered Lincoln’s assistants and counselors, who reminded him of the dangers of such a decision and of Stanton’s hatred which was obvious on many occasions, before and during the presidential campaign.


Lincoln, however, answered all that by saying “I know very well that the man dislikes me, but he is the best fit for the position, and I will not deprive the people who trusted me and elected me of the man’s skills and capabilities.”


Stanton became the minister of military affairs, and Lincoln’s insight was proven right, as the man provided his president and his nation with great services and became one of the best ministers who were in charge of that position in history.


After the assassination of Lincoln, a huge crowd stood by his grave, and a lot was said about him. Stanton’s description of Lincoln was incomparable, proving to history what the man had of sincerity and dedication for his people and his nation.


Lincoln died but his memory is still alive people’s hearts, and Stanton died, but his words about Lincoln remained to prove for history and future generations that the rightest words might come out of our enemies’ mouths.


If you wanted to learn about a man, ask about him after his death, for generations do not accommodate.


And history does not lie.