Applying Patterns & Achieving Success

Walid Fitiahi SuccessIn May 1998 the greatest chess player and genius Garry Kasparov was beaten by a computer program called (Deep blue) designed by IBM, everyone who read the news thought that the computer has beaten human, but the reality is otherwise.

The author of (Profit Patterns) “studied in Harvard management and elsewhere” began his first part by asking a question: how do we learn from experience?

He answers the question by saying: “We learn from experience through learning patterns new patterns, and gives an example of great doctors that used to mix art, abilities and talent in diagnoses, not just depending on mental and educational abilities, but on perception, natural instincts created from its true reality of successful conclusions and lessons from experiences that they witnessed and cases they have treated before, this practice on knowing, comprehending and precept of examples and patterns withdrawn from situations and cases is the secret to the success of a doctor as well as the secret to successful management, and this is what is confirmed by the author in his book, as the most important trait in a professional skillful executive is the ability to understand strategic examples and patterns lived by them  or read about it in the field they function from with regardless to the nature of that work or its kind.

The computer did not beat the greatest chess player in the world, but what won is the group work done by IBM’s staff to feed the computer program all examples and patters of the game, which is the conclusion of the history of the game and past experiences including Kasparov and his competitors, and thus the ability of the program to recognize the pattern taken by the competitor and use it to achieve success and wining, and so the real competition started years before the day of challenge.

The lesson behind that is the organized group work on correct basis for success, with no doubt will pay off and succeed any individual abilities even if the competitor is a genius of his time in any fields of life.

This lesson was understood by the west completely, with a quick look at (‘Fortune Magazine’ on July 2000) that talks about the most 500 successful American companies, we see the mass sizes of clusters and unions for joint-stock companies with budgets that exceed countries budgets, and one of the reasons and goals of those clusters is to feed companies with successful patterns, there is no room left for individual and regional businesses with isolation in opinions and decisions, the present and future is our companion to understand the lesson and realize that elements of success from organized group work in order to recognize successful patterns in the history of businesses and use them to direct the way in managing and leading companies, and defeat to anyone who thought that their individual genius traits are enough.

With a quick look at the most 500 successful American companies we find that they didn’t leave an area or a field until they succeed in it, control it and understand its successful patterns was one of the factors why they entered many other fields that are different and new, and as an example of such fields: Space (12 companies), Aviation (15 companies), Chemicals (34 companies), Computer (22 companies), Food and Medicine (22 companies), health services and hospitals (35 companies), Health insurance (21 companies), Medical cosmetics (9 companies), Medical manufacturing (21 companies)… etc.

Those American corporate were able to success in delivering global recognized services that earned the trust of consumers and investors at the same time.

Consumers trust the quality of their products and the efficiency of their services.

Investors trust their economical power and the efficiency of their management.

And here it is today steering the ship with its products, services, research, studies, creations and inventions, and the American medical services in this lost of successful and beneficial companies to the world and humanity and in the lead are Arabs who pilgrim to the U.S for treatment because of the trust in their products and services to an extent that they even invest their money in them.

We are heading against a great global challenge, survival is for the strongest, and the power is in organized collaboration group, and corporate companies that has the foundations of a proper managerial infrastructure is one if the images of this power.