Blessed is the One who is Modest without Indigence

There are two repulsive images lived by patients and doctors in some societies, especially in our Arab society.

The first image is of a doctor who was blessed with easy access to studying medicine, so that he could achieve as much knowledge as God allowed him to, then days of hard work and struggling passed, days and months went by and success went up day after day until that doctor has forgotten God’s grace upon him and forgot who honored him with that position, and lost the feeling of need and weakness towards the Creator and said “I was only given it for knowledge I have”… And he still believed it until his ego doubled in size, and became so huge that he was unable to see other people like himself. A patient comes to him in weakness and a need for help and support, only to be treated like everyone else whom he thinks is below him: with arrogance and conceit. He forgets that God is capable of putting him in his patient’s shoes at any moment, as health and sickness are in God’s hands, and nobody is higher and above falling victim to illness.

The second image is of a patient whom God blessed with money and power so that he got used to buying anything that his heart desires, and some even met people that can be bought with money. So he buys everything that lets him wallow in sensual pleasures and personal interests, and forgets God’s favor and how he is only the guardian of this wealth and power. He forgets that days – of variant conditions – are alternated among the people, and that his fortune is nothing but a test, temptation and exam. And as he gets wealthier and more powerful, other people become less visible to him, until money and power stopped him from seeing other people like himself.

This arrogant patient goes to the doctor, thinking that he is about to buy a medical service with his money, and even believes that he could buy the doctor himself, so he talks to him from an “ivory tower”, thinking that he is the one gracing the doctor with his presence as he didn’t choose a different doctor.

And when knowledge and wealth gather in a doctor, the test and temptation is twice as hard, as their combination in a person without religious influence to elevate the morals can create a tyrant, for he sees other people below him in knowledge and does not care about what a patient pays even if it was a lot. He forgets that he needs the patient’s prayers more than the patient needs him… And that God is favoring him with bless and wealth only because he is serving those patients, and that he becomes worthy of more success and bless as much as he is devoted to serve them.

He who was given the knowledge of medicine from God and was honored with being the mediator between God Almighty and the patient, needs to know that the alms of his knowledge is teaching and educating those whose knowledge is no match to his and serving and treating whoever needs him.

And he whom God gave wealth and power needs to realize that he is the guardian to his fortune and that there are things that money cannot buy, and a lot of doctors took that road to serve humanity and not for financial benefits, and that a good word and prayers might be all what a doctor needs from a patient.

It was god’s wisdom to raise some people above others in degrees of rank and subjected people to serve each other.

He who thinks he is knowledgeable should be certain that there is someone who knows more than him, and he who thinks he is wealthy should know that there is someone who is wealthier than him, and he who thinks he is powerful… should realize that there is someone stronger than him.

“Do they distribute the mercy of your Lord? It is We who have apportioned among them their livelihood in the life of this world and have raised some of them above others in degrees [of rank] that they may make use of one another for service. But the mercy of your Lord is better than whatever they accumulate.” (Al-Zukhruf:32)

Okaz Newspaper – Sunday 21 Safar 1417 AH falling on 7 July 1996 AD