Cloning Pancreas To Treat Diabetes

Science Magazine published on 27th of April 2001 results of two studies that resembles a huge progress in the fields of using Embryonic cells to cloning cells or tissues or organs such as the pancreas.


In one of those studies, researchers used embryonic stem cells to clone tissues and partials of the organ to produce insulin, similar to the pancreas cells responsible of producing insulin hormone.


And researches in this study were also able to come up with a way to encourage and motivate genetic cells to grow in the direction of forming the pancreas organ (Precursor), and then researchers studied the reaction of the tissue or new organ when subjected to sugar through injecting the new cells under the skin of a mouse infected with diabetes.


The reaction of the tissue was similar to the reaction of pancreas, and where cells of the new organ encouraged and motivated the body to create blood vessels to transport blood to the organ and produce insulin amounts that prolonged the mouse’s life, but the new cloned organ did not produce enough insulin to treat the mouse from diabetes completely, researchers believe that they are on the way to clone pancreas to work as the original one.


Researchers also believe that using Embryonic Stems will soon result in the ability to clone all the cells and tissues needed when scientists are able to assign natural signals to motivate the cell to form required organs or tissue.


It is expected with those results from piloting studies to increase the tension in scientific mediums on the ethical aspects of such studies, as opposition towards taking the stem of the embryo egg which means killing the egg in the purpose of getting the cell, and this team calls for taking (Adult Stem Cells) instead, but scientists believe that stems from embryo eggs has greater capacity for diversity that adult stem cells.


In the U.S they do not support such studies by Federal government but from private sectors, as well as supporting some European countries such as Britain.


To clone tissue and organs in applied science areas that we will hear a lot about in upcoming years, the beneficial to all creatures and what holds otherwise, entering forbidden areas, and we home from Muslim embryo scientists to keep up with progress and present us with their visions in research results and scientific studies and the position from Islam from it all.