Construction Begins With Education

The role of education in differentiation between humans on individual, community, public and nations level, for every construction requires education, and learning produces movement, each movement builds the earth and develops it, and since education and knowledge creates construction, ignorance creates destruction.


And since Islam is the last divine message and holds human life constitution till the end of time, and where Islam has put education and knowledge higher up where no one else did. Where the first divine words to Islam’s prophet was “Read in the name of the creator of all”, and where it is noticeable that the first notions of Islam was to “Read” and did not mention anything about faith, worship or work, as real and deep education and knowledge results to faith and hardship.


Education starts from year one of the child’s life, and many scientists in psychology and education confirms that, the first years of education in a child’s life is most important to form stages of intellectual and scientific base and reference that built humans throughout their lives, this belief is supported by physiological and medical sciences, that the biggest development stages of neural communications in the brain is formed in the first 10 years of a humans life.


The most deadly disease that came over the Islamic nation is the absence of the first word in Quran “Read”, and what was followed from a painful history as a natural result to that.


And thus humanity followed who owns a layer of knowledge to divert people’s eyes, trick them and conquer their minds and hearts.


There is who spends all what they have got to teach their children, and there are who consumes it buying comfort from houses, foods and drinks, entertainment and tourism.


It doesn’t hurt to mention Jews in America, coming after the 2nd World War; their first generation invested everything they have got to educate their youngsters, and so lived in the worst housing projects, and denied themselves from many things in the purpose of teaching their children in the best American schools and universities, and today the reap what they sow, sitting on the tip of science forums and decision making, and only the few of who do not occupy high rankings in medicine, law, economy, politics and media.


Today they are only few millions in America, supporting a while country (Israel) financially, morally, politically and legally in spite of hundreds of millions of people.


We should have a brief stop on the first project presented by president Bush Jr. to the American congress on the 23 of January 2001 at the beginning of his presidency.


It was a whole project, complete in its components, researched and studied to raise the level of Primary and lower secondary education which would cost billions of dollars.


Yes… It was not a security or a political or an economical project, but was to increase the level of education in schools, and he assigned an education minister (Paige) who worked as a Headmaster for Houston’s schools, and in his new program, points that are considered a revolution in the education system currently followed, which I am unable to explain here in the narrowness of this article.


But would like to put the following questions in your hands, as they need studying and research from people of specialty:

–          Are we satisfied with school’s curriculum?

–          Is there any development to those curriculums that can keep up with the world’s progress?

–          Are the goals of school curriculums clear to us?

–          Does those curriculums help expand horizons for the students and encourage and motivate them to reflect, research, create and instill principals of observe and ask in anything and not to accept information and knowledge just because its written, or those curriculums brings a generation that are no deferent that the generation before it ?

–          What is the followed system in preparing and choosing teachers and educators?

–          What is the size of investment in teachers and educators? And where does the community put teachers and educators? Was it put in a place suitable to teach and educate the next generation, and grow the most precious belonging to their lives and after?


Questions that I have no answers to, as I am not a specialist in this area, but the subject concerns me and every individual in the community, and specialists should research and study to uncover the negativities and positivity’s to us, and opens the door of discussion, to advance with serious fast steps that is compatible with the speed of global change, and what comes along from change in the school curriculum requirements, before a generation pass below the radar, not knowing how it passed, we reap what we sow, there is no doubt about that.