Consultation Of Matters

I don’t think that there is anyone who does not realize the importance of communications and consultations, opening channels of discussion and exchange opinions and experiences in making wise decisions, and this is legislative principal before even becoming a modern necessity and a curriculum for civilized nations in managing their matters and decision making.

Many agree with me about the importance of opening communication and discussion channels widely between the public and private sectors to study how to increase the level of services and efficiency of performance, and creating a proper economical environment that helps attracting migrated national investments, and use the rapid human growth in the area, due to the mainstream speed witnessed by the whole world, and so it is not enough to just open communication and discussion channels but there has to be clear and efficient mechanics to produce quick decisions shared by the elite of community individuals in all sorts of fields and specialties that obtain influence and is dictated by clear responsibilities.

It is a must to find common grounds of discussion and mutual concepts in vital subjects and area, and we do not deny that there are serious attempts on many different levels to open such channels, and increase transparency between public and private sectors, and I was glad to be involved in a program held in Harvard University in Match 2000 organized by the chamber of commerce of Jeddah, representatives from both public and private sectors contributed as well, and the aim of the program is to find common grounds of communications and concepts such as subjects of privatization and the pragmatic methods of private sectors toward some public services, and how to avoid mistakes that has been done by other nations, and protect individuals and communities from any possible abuse is the privatization criteria’s and conditions needed for efficient continuity and success such as the availability of competitive honest elements and the prevention of monopolies.

Vital issues were discussed as well and others such as the challenges we will be facing, and the opportunities that we need to benefit from both public and private sectors as a result of technological advancement, especially in the fields of ‘information technology’ and other subjects that only can be comprehended by decision makers if they have the full extent of realization.

We are coming up against a huge global challenge, and we will not be able to cope with it unless we succeeded in creating support for the efficient tactics to make decisions filled with the essence of experiences, science and wisdom of a loyal community.