Courts And Notary Systems Between Jeddah And Dubai

A new committee was formed in the chamber of commerce and industry of Jeddah called the Youth Traders committee, and the goal from forming this committee is to pump new ideas and blood and to benefit from those ideas in the match towards a more serious and active way to reform and progress in the country, this committee combines around 30 young members from business men in the Saudi Kingdom, and from the first committee meeting the members agreed to work seriously to find practical solutions to the main problems facing progress and development in general, hinders and disables trading and industrial progress in specific, on the top of those obstacles and complications were in the notary in Jeddah City in specific and all the kingdom’s cities in general , and from the strong questions asked by many of the traders: What is the reason behind those obstacles and complications in Jeddah’s Notary more than Riyadh or the eastern providences Notary, all cities for one country, one king and one constitution? And why did neighboring Gulf countries succeed in removing those obstacles? Explaining with the example of Dubai’s counts and Notary System.


And for us to be objective, we will be out of the accusation ring and reach our reformed aim away from any stir that anyone may thing we are targeting, and we only aim towards building the earth and goodness towards people as we were ordered and to secure the best benefit to the individual in their communities and communities in their nation and the Islamic nation with all nations of this world.


And for all what was mentioned earlier preferred not to mention the negative sides on Notary and courts system in our precious country, but I present live images for officials from positive side effects to one of the Notary systems and courts in a neighboring Arabic country, and it was just right to be taken by a brother of mine to Dubai’s courts and Land Department, and here is a brief of what I have witnessed with my own eyes:


Dubai’s court is located in an up market area in a clean new and air-conditioned building designed as a building of the law, at the entrance is an information system and computers for public use, each visitor or applicant takes a number and sits in comfortable seats located in a large clear and air-conditioned lounge, then reads instructions that directs them to Notary offices 1 to 4, according to the number that shows on the screen for applicants, directing them to the certifier, but during the waiting time which is between 5 to 30 minute tops, each one entering the court takes a number will definitely see a Notary during the same day and finish their applications , and I witnessed with my own eyes an Indian applicant who forgot to bring the necessary trading license and was asked by the certifier to send it by fax after entering information to the computer, and that’s how can the applicants come the next day to pick up their application without the need of waiting.


And there were 2 shifts, a morning and an evening one, and each application has specified and identified symbolic fees, that has no price manipulations, and everybody was bound to be treated the same whether foreigners or locals, with a smile and collaboration spirit that was the general and confiding theme of the whole experience.


As for the Land Department, it operates as a separate specialized entity, which is also an amazing building that is designed for such purpose of function, well equipped with the latest technologies available to all visitors where they can enter the designated website of the department which is to obtain any information they would require, such as the location of their lands in specific , or obtaining an image copy of the land location, and all Lands available for selling around it, their prices and their owners…etc.


Each land that is sold is showed live the moment it was sold with all related information about the price, size, location, date of mortgages…etc.


It is also possible to inquire about procedures of a certain process through the website, where each application has a specific number, the website is also accessible from anywhere, and the process flow of each application without personally attending to inquire about applications and services, where the website also provides information about the progress and the process of any application submitted or any shortage of paperwork required to finalize the application.


The best thing I witnessed what a special card for each land owner, where they apply to obtain this card once in their lifetime, presenting all required information to obtain such card, which is considered the information bank to each land owner, this card stores all information about the land owner such as the number of lands owned, the location of each land, the date and price of buy and the same of seller and the mortgaged land to the card owner to whom it was mortgaged, its date…etc., women also have private ownership cards, and a special office was designated to them in the Notary and Land departments operated by women as well.


To encourage each landlord to apply for one of these cards, private companies contribute with special impressive discounts for each cardholder, and there is a part of the card  information that stays as a secret and cannot be accessed unless with the owner’s permission.


For each time of application there are small 2 page brochures with few words explaining each application type and the necessary documents required to finalize every application, and the point of start to each process and a booklet that includes all fees.


The Notary can also visit the office of any businessman to finalize all applications with a small fee of 500 dirham’s that goes totally to the Land department.


In the Land Department building are halls designated for auctions and land sales, and a registry for visitors for anyone to write suggestions, which are read regularly by senior officials, and no one has custody off.


It does not need anyone who enters the Notary and courts in Jeddah and Dubai to realize the opportunity of progress and reform, and as a youth trade committee, we speak in the name of all young educated loyal ambitious and invested in their potential a lot, and now the time has come to pay our dues by contributing in the wheel of progress and reform, by doing and not only saying.