Did the World Tumble Because Of You?

Lately I read a real story that I would like to share with you, for the great effect it had on me as it made me sense and revive deep meanings in my mind, the kind of meanings that we might forget among the responsibilities of life despite our extreme need for them.


It’s a story about an 11-year-old girl who God destined to have a neurological disorder that caused paralysis in her legs. After extensive tests and studies, doctors were certain that she will not recover and will be paralyzed through her whole life, since no one with the same condition was able to recover.


But the child believed and even assured everyone who visited her that she will recover and be able to walk one day, to go back to her school and play with her friends. The child was taken to the Physical Rehabilitation hospital in San Francisco in the State of California.


The Child was taught some exercises to keep momentum in her muscles as well as brain exercises; she was taught how to close her eyes an imagine herself walking, while it was known that there was very little hope for her to regain her ability to walk, but it was done as a way to lift her spirits and give meaning to her life.


Every day when the sun rose, the child woke up and asked “Is today the day?” then she started her mental exercises with all dedication, sincerity and faith… She sat in her bed and closed her eyes, picturing herself standing up, walking then running.


One morning while she closed her eyes and did her metal exercises and prayed to God to make her wish come true, she thought that her prayers were answered and that the miracle happened; her feet moved, then she started moving the bed around the room. The child then exclaimed “My prayers have been answered.”


“Look what I can do, I can move, I moved…” What the child did not know was the fact that everything around her was indeed moving at that moment, and all the workers at the hospitals were screaming like her and looking for a place to hide from the falling equipment and flying devices around them; an earthquake happened in San Francisco.


But, don’t you dare shock the little girl with the truth, and never try to blow the candle of hope that was lit in her heart by that incident. Nobody could kill the spirit of hope in the little girl’s heart so nobody told her the truth about the earthquake.


The child still thought that she moved that day.


The incident made the child more determined and more certain that her prayers will be answered, so she doubled her efforts and kept trying day after day.


Today, two years after that incident, the child went back to school and started walking on her feet again just as she thought and believed would happen. Humans are strange, they are surprised by a story like that, and I am surprised too, then I ask myself “What are you surprised about?”


Isn’t the one who ordered the earth that day to move and tumble under the feet of millions of people to shake everything and everyone on top of it, with its planes and mountains, isn’t He able to order the feet of a little girl to move and walk on earth in perfect condition like when they were first created? Yes, He is the Creator, the Omniscient, “His command is only when He intends a thing that He says to it, “Be,” and it is.”


Did the earth tumble that day for her?