Do We Reap What We Sow?

We all sow and we all reap…but to we reap only what we sow


Yes, the wisdom of the creator is to plant the universe with reasons, and for him to watch over those traditions that do not change only with his will, and those earthly traditions do not see but reasons without favoring any unless wished by the creator for only he can change it.


Many examples are mentioned in Quran in what instills the principals of taking reasons to see results in life, also mentioning various stories on agriculture, trees and plans, planning and fruiting and all what follows, and where Quran alarms our senses towards the stages of progress in plants and planting, from the seed to the plant to the tree, becoming green then yellow and then dies, this all reflections to our lives as we see it, but unrecognized by many.


Planting is one of the mechanisms with great indications and deep meanings as it resembles for humans the factors of perception and realizing results which we gain the right knowledge and taking reasons for without them results are not accomplished or complete.


Farmers who are good at their work and profession, know how to study earth and how to plant and grow it, thus preparing it to receive goods, and just before planting earth with seeds, even then, the promise of care for those seeds while in their hands, and when they seed the earth the seed knowingly where to plant it with the proper enough depth for it to grow the right way.


Even if they plant the earth and care for it and what it holds within with all what they have from knowledge, experience, ability, time, effort and patience, they do not rush the plant or the fruit, and if confident with what they plant and has knowledge of harvesting seasons, and does not search the earth for what they plant and does not continue to care for their land giving it their all what they have from good, their patience does not die as long as there’s a hint of life in them, and where each plant has its own nature instilled in it by the creator, from it what comes out of earth in a day and fruits in another day, and from it what stays under the earth for 7 years unseen on the face of the earth, until thought by an ignorant farmer with a nature that does not grow, but it roots for itself in many months, if he crops it before its 7th years or stopped caring for it, he would lose all what’s in that earth, and if he sells it before the harvest, all its good will be gone for others.


Fruits of land usually reflect some of the traits of its farmer, its goodness, strength and quality is a reflection to the goodness, care, experience, knowledge and patience this farmer has as a blessing from God.


Prophets are usually impaired with farmers, and our prophet ‘Mohammad’ was the best of farmers.


And so, yes, we all sow and we all reap… and do we reap only the fruits of what we sow?