Each Era Has Its Plague

Nature has rules that do not change, and from those rules what has spread from corruption in this earth, a reminder and an example of bringing balance from effects of corruption, such as the 60’s are the spread pornography in the west, suddenly AIDS come to rein in this sexual obsession in this plaguing pornography.


In these days, where an increasing amount of oppression, killings, corruption and outrage, earthily giants thought are able to contain this earth, thus the smallest soldier of fate and nature, unseen with the naked eye, this soldier is an Atypical pneumonia spreading terror in countries of east Asia, Canada, U.S and Europe, this virus is SARS, an ancient virus born out of a group of viruses called Corona Virus.


It is believed to be an ancient virus with sever effects, its most dangerous aspect is fast spreading in short periods of time through respiratory sprays and body fluids, and all it needs is a handshake and an eye rub, or by touching the nose or mouth is sufficient enough to transport the virus, which has no typical treatment or an antidote till this day…


The disease starts with a high fever (above 38c) with coughing and difficulty in breathing, it can evolve into many cases of severe pneumonia, which in some cases may require artificial respiration, it  can also be accompanied with a headache and a dry itch with hard breathing, the danger aspect of the disease is during nesting time between 2 to 7 days, and can extend to go on for 10 day, meaning that, any individual carrying the virus may not know that they are a carrier until the passing of 10 days of infection, which is good enough time for the infected to transfer the virus from end to end on this earth while carrying this virus.


Scientists reached to design an examination that helps to discover in a lab diagnosis to the disease through many ways, the progress and development of this examination is being made to make it more efficient and fast.


And due to all what was presented on spreading ways of the disease, its speed, and its possibility to reach all continents of this world, I demand all community individuals to only limit greetings to handshakes, and not through traditional kissing, which can result into unbearable consequences.


This small soldier, unseen with the naked eye, has awaken another soldier living inside if ever human heart, it is called fear, and what we see from beginnings is just a presentation to greater things coming, and nature has its methods in choosing ways of alarm or awareness only seen by enlightened people, and where I believe that what we see and hear from all those disasters as a connection to what shows on earth from corruption in human hands.