Enough Destruction (Archived)

I don’t know where to begin from and how to express what’s in my heart from sadness and sorrow. A year ago I wrote an article, specifically about a subject titled “And what’s after Kosovo”. I transmitted some of the torture and mutilation images suffered by Europe’s Muslims on the Serbs hands, which was published on the New York Times, and how Serbs have done mass killings against men, women and children.

I also have mentioned an incident where Serbs forced entry the houses of 80 Albanians, and how they relish in practicing the worst types of torture and mutilation; killing men and youth in front of their children, wives and fathers, another time killing children and women in front of their fathers and husbands, after which, followed by mutilation and distortion of their bodies, and how the Serbs refused the examining of their bodies by international institutes, and how the red cross organization took out its members and their aid from Kosovo after the Serbs threats.

And I wrote in my article back then, that “what we witness today is nothing shorter than a manifestation of disease on an outbreak, and all what we see is just the tip of the iceberg, and what’s below the surface is greater and more fierce, and there will be a day where this disease will be worse, and all the body organs ‘with no exception’ will be hurt, and the body will fall, and the whole world will reap the price of their weakness and slackness in treating their diseases prior to their initial diagnoses, this treatment requires surgery, amputation or eradication of some of its organs sometimes, even if other organs thought that they are safe and in peace, and so, works for its own good, they are wrong, and one day they will pay the price of the disease outbreak, and the deterioration of other organs situation.

The world and its helpless people, and its destroyed nations is waiting for someone to work for the benefit of this earth, building and rebuilding it, and presents divine justice above worldly interests, and refuses corruption instead of the good of bringing interests, to awaken goodness nationwide to all people, otherwise the suffering will continue.

Today, and after one year of my first article, we all started to see, witness, hear and live the results of our falter; tyrants and dictators are not born as tyrants and dictators, but they are made out of nations falters, that does not groan, cry or cheer for right if it was wronged, and doesn’t recognize divine control or even be humane.

What is done by the Serbians today is beyond the minds limitation, what soul can relish and enjoy slaughtering children, spelling their blood on their mothers’ bodies, and the indecent assaults against women in front of their husbands and fathers, and then kill them, poke their eyeballs out and dissemble their limbs, conducted by a whole army, a government and the public, not just individuals against not tens, but hundreds of thousands of European Muslims.

And I fear that the world will be reluctant once again to eradicate this cancer, and the retrieval of human rights, and the punishment of war criminals, and if that happens, where countries and people want to contain this problem ‘as usual’ with treaties that denounces rights and rewards abusers and betrayals, and accepts the politics of “Facts control results” and common interest politics, and so the series of horror against Muslims will continue in Europe and the rest of the world, and out turn is coming sooner or later.