From The Inside Victory Starts… And Defeat!

And here we are receiving another new year added in our Hijri calendar (The start of Migration of prophet Mohammad), barely receiving the wisdom of in the start of an Islamic Hijri calendar, beginning with prophet ‘Mohammad’ migration, nor in the divine message or the conquering Mekka or elsewhere of the great days in Islamic history and humanity.


Choosing this day as the start of each Muslim year on the face of the earth requires a stop with a deep reflection, starting with one of the most important lessons of that migration which is rooting the principal of taking with reasons and making it the highest images of worshiping, here’s the prophet who was waiting the permission of migration from Mekka to Medina, and where the divine wisdom not to move unless taking with financial reasons and become a role model to us, it becomes more clear when showing the genius traits of the prophet in his humanistic planning and organization while taking with reasons to their full extent and in the highest images of worship by the last messengers of God on earth.


And do you think that the prophet fears death on himself, do you think that goes is unable to protect him from all of his opposing tribe when they wanted to kill him, or stop him from migrating. But those are only lessons and examples which need to be taught to us by the prophet himself.


And from the examples of rooting out the lesson of taking with reasons, the following:

(1)    The prophet begins by being discrete about the date of migration, not even his closest friends have knowledge of the date.

(2)    The order came only while in bed, but Gabriel did not order him to sleep in his bed, but the prophet roots the principal of using the mind, wisdom and planning in his request for Ali to sleep in his bed.

(3)    The prophet goes out in the highest degree of the day’s hours in the summer, which is the nap time for Mecca’s people.

(4)    The prophet went out from the back of his friends house ‘Abu Baker’.

(5)    He went to the cave of Thor south of Mecca, which is not the way to Medina, and stayed there for 3 days.

(6)    Hired information providers resembled by Abdullah Bin Abu Baker to become his eyes in Mecca, bringing him its news.

(7)    Even food and drink was planned for, giving such mission to ‘Asmaa Bent Abu Baker’ where the prophet roots out the efficient importance of women and sharing men their hardship, life and struggle resembled in her role in the most important journey ever to be taken on the face of the earth, and where Asmaa was pregnant with her final months , which embodies the efficiency of planning and right choice, as she was able to hide the food unnoticed by the people of Mecca carrying for her father and prophet some food and drinks of water.

(8)    The prophet asks ‘Amer bin fahierah” who takes care of the sheep to demolish the trials left by the animals for his tribe not to follow those trails.

(9)    In complete camouflage, where a man who used to bump into Abu Baker, asking him while pointing the direction of the prophet, who is this between your hands? And where abu baker who never lies: this man directs my way.


only with his divine wisdom comes to complete the great humane lesson, that although the completeness of the prophets plan and taking available reasons in the prophet words to his friend, and after what he saw and his friend from taking complete reasons with full application of the comprehensions of trusting God, only then for a divine miracle in the image of a bird building his nest, and a spider netting his net house, where only those 2 verses were between the profit and his harming tribe, protecting him and calling him to migrate and for it to start the history of a nation carrying the last divine messages to humanity before the end of time.


Where are we as individuals, communities and nations from lessons and examples of this migration?


Will each calendar year remind us of the message we carry to humanity?


Will this New Year remind us to renew our intentions toward God in our migration to him next year?


Many of what we suffer from and surround us from accidents, mistakes, catastrophes and humiliation is due to the absence of correct concepts to our great religion such as the concepts of trusting God in everything we do.


This nation’s role model and teacher is the last prophets on this earth ‘Mohammad’, this nation will not approve those extravagant acts from those who are considered part of this nation and those who speak up against it, and where it awaits decision-makers to review and put into account reformed acts before it is too late.


Those who do not learn from pasty examples, history will only be bound to teach them its hardest lesson, History always repeats itself.