Good News For Diabetics

One of the most things a diabetic patient suffers from is the medicine (insulin), and till this day we did not discover a way to take insulin other than injections under the skin, even with the existence of many studies in the area. Insulin hormone is responsible for processing sugar in the meals we take.

The first kind of diabetic patients (those with bodies that cannot produce insulin hormone) and a percentage of patients of a second kind (those with bodies that cannot fully benefit from insulin produced by them) need to take 3 injections a day.

Some medical companies are trying to find a different method in taking insulin and one of those studies that reached an advanced stage, is the study published in the third week of February 2001 in LANCET global medical magazine, this study was made on 73 patients suffering the first kind of diabetes, and where participants used insulin spay (still under study) instead of insulin shots that were supposed to be taken before meals (pure insulin has fast effects).

A comparison was made between this group and another one that took insulin in the traditional ways (injections under the skin) and after 12 weeks, precisely by being tested with the known A1C test, considered the most accurate indicator that runs every 3 months to measure sugar levels in the blood during this period, as well as the side effects in both groups (such as below the normal sugar level rates) and it was found that results are a match for both groups.

And in the case of confirming those studies without the existence of any surprises or side effects to be uncovered yet, licenses should be obtained in order to be able and market insulin sprays within coming years.

Research and advanced medicine are witnessing a golden era, and where medical research was till recently in need of the progress in other sciences that medical research relies on, as other sciences have witnessed its own boom in the last 10 years and now it’s the time for medical fields to witness its own boom during the upcoming 10 years.

Diabetes is considered one of the diseases that costs Americans massive amounts of money as a result of treating the complications caused by it which is valued to be in the hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

It is good to mention here that, the percentage of diabetic patients in the Arab world exceeds 20% which is 3 times the percentage in the United States of America.