How Nations Are Built

I read a real story a while ago that I would like to share with you for the great morale it contains, which we all need on an individual and social level.


In December 1914, a huge fire destroyed the lab of the scientist and inventor Thomas Edison. Although the loss exceeded $2 million, the whole building was insured for only $238,000 approximately, since it was made out of cement and brick and the owners thought it was strong enough to easily endure fire accidents. In one night in December that year, most of Edison’s research and studies were burnt to ashes after he spent his whole life working on them.


At the climax of the fire, and when it reached a point where it could not be stopped, Edison’s son “Charles” arrived at the location and was terrified as he saw the flames. He went in looking for his father, and finally found him sitting down, looking calmly at the horrifying scene. His face was illuminated as it reflected the light coming from the flames, and his white shirt fluttered with the hot fumes.


Charles described his father’s state when he saw him in that situation “My heart broke when I saw him like that, he wasn’t a young man anymore; he was 67 years old and he was sitting down, looking at the culmination of his whole life burning in front of his eyes, and when he saw me he asked “Where is your mother, Charles?” And when I said I didn’t know, he said “Go find her and bring her over here quickly; she will never get to see something like this in her entire life.”


The next day, Edison stood at the ruins of the fire and said “There is a great value to this accident, all my mistakes are burnt, and with God’s help I can start a new beginning today.”


Only three weeks later, the 67-year-old Edison was able to make the first phonograph, which was followed by so many inventions and discoveries that benefited all humanity.


Indeed, there are great values that we can learn from painful accidents, catastrophes, disasters and relapses of all sorts, individually and socially, if we possessed the mentality and state of mind necessary.


Disasters are one of God’s methods on earth, and when things worsen and change, and when some look around at what is happening of damage, loss of fortunes and savings, people feel sad and depressed, and others feel angry, frustrated and suffocated. There are some people, however, who don’t waste their energy on lamenting, sadness or anger, but work hard under all conditions, knowing that fortunes don’t make men, but men can make fortunes and uplift societies; “It is better to light a candle than to curse the dark.”


Seek the help of God and don’t fail.