Indeed, It Is the Source of the Great Sins

On 2 May 1997, the Supreme Court in the state of North Carolina issued a decree of life sentence for an American citizen who caused a car accident while under the influence of alcohol, killing 2 women and injuring 4 others. It was not the first time to issue a life sentence for such individuals, but it was the first time in the history of America when the prosecutor pushed for the capital punishment and demanded that the case is classified as a first-degree murder.


In general, penalties in the United States are strict for everyone who gets caught driving under the influence of alcohol, regardless of whether an accident happened or not, if the police tested the alcohol level in the driver’s blood and it was above the permitted percentage. The test is done using a special easy-to-use device that is found in most police cars.


All what a police officer needs to do is ask the driver to breathe into the device which measures the alcohol level in the driver’s blood within seconds. America is dedicated to defend personal freedoms, among which is the consumption of alcohol, which is also a part of the religious practices in the Christian faith. However, it has realized that it is necessary to issue these strict penalties to protect the life of innocent people when the freedom of the individual conflicted with the rights of society.


It is God’s grace upon the Islamic world that alcohol is prohibited, which is why the harms of intoxication are not as widespread in our Arab societies. However, some non-Muslim individuals in our societies or some people who do not follow the teachings of Islam who commits this great sin and God protect his privacy for he might repent and stop. It happened during the Islamic ages of prosperity, and we pray to God to lead them to the right path.


Car accidents are growing in our Arab societies and so are the numbers of casualties, which might be the result of alcohol intoxication. It is our duty to investigate that using the latest devices and technologies and execute strict penalties, which is deep-rooted in our religion to be a deterrent and a warning to others.


So that religious penalties do not fade away, and the blood of innocent people does not go in vain.