Lessons From The American Elections

I am writing my article on Saturday the 18th of November 2000 while the results of the American elections battle between bush and Al gore is hanging until the recount of votes in the state of Florida, and the whole world is following up the development of the elections event in its details and legal, political and legislative entries through T.V screens, newspapers and the radio. While the world is turning to this unique political experience in the history of the greatest financial power represented by the United States of America, and while helpless nations look at this experience with grief and bitterness as it awakens feelings of injustice and deception. Comparisons begin in the minds of 3rd world country nations of Arabs and otherwise, between the ones who apply democracy and the ones who pretend to apply it only to hire it as an excuse to perform the worst kinds of dictatorship and the ugliest images of slavery on their people, those people can see how the president of the greatest country of the world and his vice president are unable to change the results of elections while obtaining 99% of the votes just like how disadvantaged nations see their countries. The irony here is the staged democratic elections in those disadvantaged countries rarely results in changing a president from his position, and so a president stays a president for life, maintaining a 99% voters percentage with each election cycle unless in some cases where it is thought that this staged performance needs to be more realistic thus becoming 95%, and rarely accept to be decreased to 90%, but in many cases each candidate for the presidency fights with creative ways mostly illegal, and where false charges are brought up with false witnesses to put candidates behind bars with pending investigation until the elections are over, from them who also stays for years after and where the rule of law is hired to waste the most righteous acts of democracy which is the right to choose.

And I ask: is it possible for a whole nation with different of belief, thoughts, and interests, educational and social backgrounds to choose one person and obtain 99% of the peoples vote in every elections cycle, if there was one person on the earth the meets with people’s choice in the same rate it would be prophets, and it would have been a whole picture for humanity on the face of the earth, which was resembled and embodied in the prophet of Islam “Mohammad”, but that was not the case, not even for the whole picture, but even when Islam was established and Mohammad became the leader, the existence of hypocrites continued, to which if they had the opportunity to vote anonymously without being known they would give it to the unwholesome picture to humanity. I feel ashamed to put those comparisons in your hands; put the falsity and falsehood would not be uncovered naked to the deceived without those examples. Yes… How many 3rd world countries dressed its people clothes of democracy after it chooses a body for them, a body that does not recognize what it wears! And then stripped its people from their rights, first and foremost, the right to choose and what comes after from lost rights is a natural result for its lost from the beginning.

Disrespect and contempt of people with those charades and theatrical acts will not last for long, the rule of the universe and stories of ancient and modern history do not change facts, and who doesn’t give regard that, history will dress them with what’s worse than before, History repeats itself, always.