Let’s Ask Ourselves: What Have We Done For Our Societies?

In every society, there is a group of people whose main focus is on moral issues, which don’t usually have any financial returns worth mentioning, and the benefits and returns of this group’s work go to their societies before themselves.


 They display the beauty and splendor of these societies, as in the case of the right hand – in a right-handed person – whose nail-clipping skills go to the left hand, so the left hand benefits from the skills of the right hand while the latter reflects the lack of skills in the left hand and appears less beautiful, even though it is more worthy of benefiting from its own skills.


The number of people who work on moral issues is different from one society to another, and when the number increases, society prospers and progresses.


When materialism prevails in a society, the meaning of success becomes a merely materialistic definition among the majority of society, leaving the moral issues with no value or significance, and the value of science and scientists in all areas degenerates and the whole society loses.


Financial and psychological pressures might lead a lot of workers in the moral areas to drop what they are working on and join the materialistic group in its hungry race, and society loses one member of this group every day as a result of lacking appreciation for what they do, and more often than not, it is the result of huge financial obligations that the individual fails to meet in order to have a decent life.


When members of this group are forced by their circumstances to reconsider their priorities and then shift their directions and exchange their moral works with materialistic ones, they might surpass their materialistic counterparts in their areas of expertise using the skills and capabilities that God endowed them with, but the one who pays the price is society.


These societies need to rectify their issues and return balance to their structure and help members of that group to continue with their moral works and provide them with an atmosphere that encourages others to join them and complete their journey, otherwise creativity will die, tuning societies into consuming hollow ones.


It is not difficult for one to dedicate his major efforts on whatever brings the best financial returns, as it is the case with most societies, but it is hard for one to put the benefit of his society atop his own and ask himself everyday about what he has given to his nation and society.



OKAZ Newspaper – Tuesday 13 Second Jumada 1418 AH falling on 14 October 1997 AD