Management And Leadership

There is a big difference between defining management and leadership, and the role done by a leader or an executive, realizing and comprehending the differences between both definitions are the most important factors of different institutional success, either in the public or private sectors.

Assigning managerial and leadership tasks and the qualifications held by who deserves to occupy one of both positions against the other which is a science that is taught in Universities and is practiced on realistic basis and on the field in successful institutes and corporation around the world.

And considering the limited space available in this angle I will only shed the light on one unique mission for every manager or leader.

One of the goals of a manager is to pursuit (operational effectiveness) which is meant to accomplish various institutional activities, in a way much better than competitors, and this requires concentration and follow up for everyday institutional activities and increase outcome efficiency, this role and factor is essential to the success of institutes but is not enough, and is bound to be coupled with another completing role which is (strategic positioning) which can be simplified briefly by assigning operations that should be done by the institute, different than what their competitors have, or by applying operations that are similar in a different way, and this is the role of a leader in any institute.

This is not an easy role, and requires a lot of creativity and foresight, that is why finding institutes launch and advance on their competitors because their leadership was able to see a strategic new location or position unnoticed by others, and there are many examples of institutes that became case studies.

Strategic positioning requires hard decisions such as choosing substitutes or letting go of things for other ‘trade-offs’.

It became obvious that working in institutes is not accomplished by one individual as a manager or a leader at the same time, to claim the ability in doing both together is only a sign of ignorance towards the most important factors of success and institutional progress.

But the seriousness, pursuit and insistence is not enough to make a successful institute or to put it on top, unless its management is coupled with an aware leadership with a clear an unique strategy.