Management of Change

I am writing this article while on board an American Airlines flight leaving from where I stayed in Boston going to Los Angeles to participate in an annual medical conference in Endocrinology and diabetes for a whole week, attended by more than a 1000 doctors annually, and it is one of the conferences that are held in the U.S in different majors of medicine, attended by hundreds of thousands of doctors from America and other countries.

I closed my eyes for a little while, and went back a 1000 years, remembering an ancient history with science and scientists in many fields; Muslim scientists had the share of the lion in medicine fields, the accomplishments of Muslim doctors in those centuries can only be denied by the ignorant and vengeful.

And here is ‘Ibn Sina” a young guy who has not yet passed his 16 years of age, completing a book (Law of Medicine), and for this book to be studied in the west for more that 7 centuries after his death, and thus my heart starts to ache for what has happened and changed, we a nation started with a divine inspiration by a benevolent prophet that started his first divine words with “Read”, until we became the least nations that reads, and the lest we appreciate science, research, reflect and have humility, and we cannot deny facts, reality is proof, and knowledgeable people from Muslims in all fields of beneficial science realize that and is in distress because of such facts.

And in a quick comparison with a number of conferences and scientific seminars in the medical field (and all other fields of science) that take place in the Arab and Islamic world against those that take place in the U.S, the matter becomes even clearer…

Not only that, but one university such as Harvard (and thousand other universities in the U.S) conduct annually more than a 100 medical conference, where all conference names and cycles are published, including the date and place of where it would be taking place at the start of each year in a bulletin sent to tens of thousands of doctors in the U.S and beyond.

I keep wondering why we became like this, where science has always been the weapon of centuries, and one of the most important preferences and sovereignty between nations, but I even wonder how we, a nation of goodwill, brought nationwide, holders of the last divine message, builders of the earth with a divine constitution, be so behind when it comes to beneficial sciences, and cannot keep up with science advancement and revolutions.

The world we live in is changing fast, in ways un-witnessed before, not only that, but the acceleration day by day to feed one another sciences, and the relatively easy information exchange with an economical and financial drive force for creation, invention and change.

Every day passes us with changes on this earth hard for nations that are behind to keep up and understand what happens from changes and factors of change, forget even trying to contribute even partially to draw natural lines and formalities of this change to harness it for the good of humanity and building earth.

And of course I cannot deny a group of society and community individuals working day and night to bring up the scientific levels of individuals and communities, and realizes the paramount importance of understanding changes and tools of change, but it is a very small group that need support, assistance and encouragement.

On Wednesday 13th of October 1999, I had to opportunity to meet a group of good men of Saudi individuals and representatives to the chamber of commerce in Jeddah, with some business men and high government officials to attend and contribute in an intensive course for a week in Harvard University in Boston in the subject of ‘management of change’, which was a the child brains of board members of the chamber of commerce in Jeddah, which also contributed in designing this course to the convenience of the participants needs.

The goal of this course is to study what happens from changes and speed of development, by understanding the factors and tools that govern those changes, and to know how and use them and hire them to keep up with the changes while facing the challenges of the present and future.

I felt really optimistic about what I saw and heard, with those kinds of spirits and passion toward science, following in order to address reasons that we can speed their steps towards progress; we never know maybe we will be blessed once again if we showed strength and sternness to offer the next generations a better chance to compete for leadership and change the course to what benefits humanity and helps rebuilding earth, where truly only then we would become the best of nations brought to humanity.