Meaningful Introduction

A new phenomenon in the United States drew my attention, where some hospitals, medical centers, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies started putting away parts of their advertising budgets to spend on ambulances, equipped with the latest CPR technologies, to drive around main roads and highways to respond to every call for help and every accident, while being connected to other ambulances, hospitals and auto accident centers through high-tech telecommunication systems.

These ambulances cannot be missed, as they are designed specifically to display the names of partnering hospitals and pharmaceutical companies for advertising purposes.

It is not a bad idea for hospitals, medical centers and health institutions to introduce themselves, but it is better to be introduced through spending on programs that serve the public, which corresponds with the spirit of teamwork in the medical and humanitarian sectors; something that can be referred to as meaningful and constructive introduction.

We need to revive the humanitarian spirit in our societies and keep it as the main objective in everything we do.

“God blesses him who helps his brother.”

Okaz Newspaper – Thursday 12 First Jumada 1417 AH falling on 24 September 1996 AD