New Global Income System

Although we live in technological and information advancement, but we still live in an era of hypocrisy and contradictions, and the reason why information is no longer a reflection of reality, but a way to accomplish goals of those who have the ability to publish information to maximum numbers of people around the world by aiming a true reality to serve falsehoods of deception.

Every day that passes by this world, powerful hands that move the doll’s strings in global media theaters in all images heard, read or seen.

But on individual levels, most people (especially 3rd world countries) are busy trying to make a living or meet ends, and have no time or energy to help them search about facts on information forced on them day and night via global mass media.

But on public levels, they almost never stop trying to find a fast impulsive reaction to what’s been conspired against them, and find themselves in front of other actions that requires blowing the whistle to react with all its power and cope with it.

Ways to conspire and be hypocritical with contradictions and double standards never fail to disappear from minorities that are informed from the east and west alike.

And I ask, how can oppressed individuals or people win for themselves in such an era, for who owns those global multimedia tools or who has enough money to buy them, has the ability to divert the truth to what serves their best interests if they have no living conscious.

The only tool not controlled yet is the internet, although it is just another tool for unseen hands.

And I still really wonder how carless most people living on earth are becoming, and so you see them giving excuses for their armies and forces by the name of justice and the right to decide fate in one spot on this earth (Such as east Timor) at the same time letting other countries (Russia and India) to demolish people who demand the rights to choose ones destiny (like Chechnya and Kashmir) and examples are plenty…

It is really one of the signs of an ending world, assigning new world order for new international quackery.