Practical Approaches To Education

I had the opportunity to accompany my 7 year old son in a school trip (summer camp) last week for 2 days outside of Boston city, providing an opportunity for parents to accompany their children every year and help in organizing, training, educating and managing activities, and so I found it as a good opportunity to study what happens and amend some of the wrong concepts that I have found.

And although students learn a good deal of lessons in such camps, but there is one more lesson I found needed in order to remind ourselves with, and so I decided to talk about it in my article.

On the first day, and after the first meal taken by the children, they were asked to collect leftovers in their plats and put it in one big bowl, and then one of the administrators weighed in the bowl and recorded the number on the wall, and they have explained to the students that one of the goals of this trip is to learn how to appreciate food and respect blessings of food, and to minimize the amount of food left to be thrown.

The administrators started to ask the students about the importance of doing that, and I found some answers are really worth mentioning, especially since it came out of students from the first and second grades, as one of them mentioned how wasting plants and trees on the earth, and another mentioned the waste of all this land for agriculture, and another student mentioning the waste of livestock, and there was one who remembered global starvation and the deprived people who has a priority to this food than to be wasted… and etc.

In the following duties, administrators were able to decrease the amount of wasted food little by little until they have reached to less than third of the quantity of the first day.

Then I wandered in memories and images of our communities and how we treated the bless of water and food, and remembered what happened in our celebrations and holidays from wasteful expenses by hosts driven by greed and disregard, and remembered all the massive quantities of food that ends up in the trash bin, and this happens especially in the most important holidays (Ramadan and Hajj), and for us to form a fair comparison I left those examples aside and remembered what happened in graduation parties in Arabic school in the U.S (On the basis of similar environments and circumstances) to be only surprised that we have never changed, and we are no better than our brothers in the Arab world, maybe even worse, and here I sensed an ache in my heart and pain for how we ended up treating obvious evidence, basics, ethics and principals, unable to instill them in our children, and in ourselves from before.

We are in desperate need of feeding our schooling curriculum with modern scientific and realistic images of principals and teachings of Islam, and to support the scientific curriculum with theoretical education to be able and reflect and see it applicable on land, and in order to reach this goal we need educators, mentalities and experiences in all education, upbringing, social, psychological and religious fields working together to achieve the goal of bringing a better generation.