Preventive Health Programs

Evidence is mounting to confirm the utmost importance to put health and intensive prevention programs that includes any country in the world. But we find that advanced and industrial countries are giving priority to those programs when they decide their budgets, and that is in response to what was proved by intensive studies over the past two decades on the infinite dimensions of those preventive and health programs in  decreasing the economical burden on those countries for the long run, and helps it by increasing its speed of growth, flourish and advance  while maintaining their economical, political and social stability, with those programs influencing individuals and deals with the negative and positive roots of the community.

Examples are plenty and countless to the benefits of protective health in dealing with disease in its early stages or before getting infected by it, such as general vaccination programs, and spreading the correct health and food diet awareness and programs for regular medical checkups for each individual of the community, young or old, and from the first day of a Childs life, and where increasing studies confirm the positive aspects and dimensions and benefits of these programs on the fetus in his mother’s womb, and this new science called ‘Fetal programming’  where evidences began to support each other’s theory that says: many diseases we humans get in later stages of our lives, such as diabetes, high-blood pressure, heart diseases and brain strokes and the ability of having psychological and neural diseases that have roots and elements that were formed in the pregnancy period, including the first days of a pregnancy where the mother is still unaware of it.

It is believed that routine checkups and the upgrading of health awareness for mothers can provide a healthy environment for the fetus during pregnancy that will have further dimensions on newborns throughout their lives.

Although this documented information is available amongst others, we still find some Arabic countries not willing to provide enough priority for health and preventive programs in their full extent. And one of the reasons might be that those programs do not see outcomes and do not reap its fruits on short term basis, , with the lack of statistical accurate and documented studies in those countries throughout years of work in those programs, officials in those countries cannot have a clear vision on the proper benefits and true dimensions for those programs.

In addition to that, the nature of many of those preventive programs and the way they operate on the long run are lacking the ability to operate complexes surgeries that could be used in the media to serve certain agendas, and usually have outcomes on certain individuals in the community and for a short period of time in many cases, but is also surrounded with doubts on how successful many of them can be or the help offered to patients which is always an arguable subject in the medical science medium.

Thankfully, some Arabic countries truly started to put some new systems to their countries health aspects, and provide it with the necessary priority for preventive health programs to reach out each individual in the community, and not to be limited for people living in big cities, and how I wish for organizers of those programs to receive enough support, financially and morally, from their governments and people, since the benefit is to all and with dimensions comprehended only by people or knowledge, research and study.