Ramadan, Between Those Who Are Extravagant And Obedient

Whoever thinks that their nation’s coexistence from weakness and humiliation is a result of their enemies cause, has to reconsider their point of views for them to see what we see, and recognize that their suffering is the harvest of infected souls and a deviation of their understanding and misapplication of religion and culture.

The reflections of psychiatric diseases and deviation of comprehension or misapplication of clear righteous aspects to life, but the repetition of those images covered the minds of receivers with other pictures that is no different in its damage of what it carries from within, but does not provoke jealousy or protective acts on religion, as it wore a familiar dress to cover deviations but is not denied by the soul, becoming oblivious and drifting away from nation struggles.

In Ramadan, those images stay, but we see them wearing something not denied by our eyes, ears, minds and hearts, many images are there but I choose only two, both seen in the same month bearing contradictions , repulsion and separation between the east and the west, and I don’t believe they come out of the same niche, and that had the biggest effect in me, that’s why I loved to share what happened, especially that our hearts are bleeding in those blissful days with our brothers and sisters and children in Jerusalem, and were we tune in by fast breaking time to Arabic T.V channels to watch the news, or the internet to know the details of what happened, and share their struggle, fight, pain and sorrow.

The first image I saw on the satellite channels is a program called (Ramadan Tent) where it should have been called a disappointment and not a tent, and where the scum of Arabs gather to singing in shamelessness, filling their bellies and smoking their poisons while presented to us for hours, and even be more deviant to Raman traditions and blessings, and so they sing and dance for this blissful month, but Ramadan is innocent from them and their wastefulness.

The second image is no less peculiar than its sister although being at the opposite side seemingly; at the time were Islamic nations look upon their scientists and prophet heirs, giving advisory opinions in divine matters, directing their priorities in an era that counts struggles everywhere, urging its sons and daughters in the month of prayer and worship to do their duties against their religion and their brothers and sisters, we await fatwa’s that has failed to support our brothers and sister in Jerusalem where they have been denied food and water in this holy month of Ramadan, and so they do not see what can quench their thrust when they break their fast, thus seeing questions by millions in America and the world through the internet “does swallowing your own saliva break your fast in Ramadan?” and what’s worse is that religious people gather to answer the question and unanimously agreed that swallowing saliva does not break your fast, since it’s a part of your body, and it does not stop there, but further ask : is it dislikable to do so or not?