Regimes…Masters and Slaves

149 leaders left their governments behind and came to New York to make speeches; each speech does not exceed 5 minutes which they have to speak in the name of 7 billion human beings.

We really are living in a small world, though this world is huge in its people, it comes to a fact that any change that happens in one place on this earth has its effects and dimensions on other place in this world, directly or indirectly, and the era of what is called isolationism or philosophies of decision making away from the reality of global perceptions.

It was wrote about a year ago, under the title of (The world’s hidden government) during a protest that took place in Seattle U.S.A on the 1st of December 1999 against the decisions and suggestions of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and I have said: “The world is moving in an increasing amazing speed that we cannot stop this train, we cannot burry our heads in the sand, and in the next 5 years there will be winner countries and nations and losing countries and their nations on the other side, countries and their nations will prevail on the account of enslaving other countries and their nations, and this is what the new world order has to offer to humanity”.

Anyone who followed up the speeches that were made on the ‘Millennium forum” in New York, will sense this struggle and conflict in the tone of many speeches, as there are nations from 3rd world countries who started to realize the speed of how the world is going , with or without them,  which will decide many of its matters as well.

Nations and people that come out with benefits from those studied speeding changes are the nations and people that understand its matters and issues to its fullest comprehension, launching for its people the right to practice freedom of thought and opinion.

They are people and nations which succeeded to form systems able to cope with speeding development and change while preserving the basis of publicly agreed on constitutions from their own sons and daughters.

Regimes controlled by law, which is bigger, higher and stronger, that to become a game or a puppet in the hands of a handful of people. Regimes that respect ideas and commend, appreciate and reward them in response. Regimes where individuals are well-known and assessed with ideas and does not know how to differentiate or assess the idea in it with individuals, because all are equal in this right, thus making the idea and what it holds from wisdom is the yardstick of differentiation between individuals.

Regimes that invest in ideas and the individuals behind those bound by the wisdom of the idea its outcomes and benefits, and so its rightful creator does not deny benefit on their communities which are in desperate need of it to assure the continuity, development, growth and flourish.

Regimes that merged power, enthusiasm and creativity of the youth, the wisdom and experience of the elders.

Nations that will win this race are the ones who picked up the pieces of what’s left in them and their situation, putting clear goals and march towards it, with economical, political, social, educational, media and health systems hired to serve their goals.

But defeated nations from within, lacking those systems and regimes, lives for its day, throwing away its wealth to enrich a minority of few will be enslaved buy another, and tomorrow is a day that will come to be a sufficient prove to that.