Rejoice In Your Transaction Which You Have Contracted

Islam deals with the human psyche as to nurture the good it was given and tame its evil tendencies, and helps it elevate into piety and purity, as the Almighty said “And by the soul and He who proportioned it, and inspired it with discernment of its wickedness and its righteousness. He has succeeded who purifies it, and he has failed who instills it with corruption.”


The human psyche was kneaded with self-love and care for self-benefit; a quality that God created so that life can go on and prosper with competition, hard-work and initiating good deeds. Based on this quality – love of self-benefit – the prophet said “Care for what benefits you.”


However, if this important quality went astray from God’s guidance, religious duties and spiritual teachings, it turns into harmful selfishness and bloody rivalry. From this point, Islam has been eager to tame it by awakening interest in what’s more lasting and raising it on generosity, sacrifice and selflessness, wishing for God’s reward and the hereafter and pursuing what is greater than the passing pleasures of earthy life and bigger than the vanities of the world.


Based on this, we can understand why the Quran is abundant with encouraging believers to make transactions with God and buy, sell, lend, make and double profits.


This is compatible with the natural self-love and what the human psyche was kneaded with; to pursue and earn benefits and profits. It is the biggest positive effect on the mental health of a believer and the safety of his body and soul as he’s spending on charitable deeds. A believer never feels damaged or bitter for the sacrifices, self-denial and deprivation he performs as he spends on charitable deeds, knowing that he is making profitable transactions to gain – with God’s will – the content of God and his paradise with money that belonged to God to begin with, and knowing that he is only the guardian of it.


This great feeling of gaining what is greater and more lasting gives the believer’s soul the sense of tranquility, trust and security. It also gives his soul the pleasure of victory over the instinct of love for money, and even the feeling of wisdom and doing the right thing. It reflects on his body in the form of muscle relaxation, calmness, low blood pressure and heart beat as well as other benefits not known by anyone but God, to be given to a believer on earth before his reward in the hereafter.


When a believer spends without understanding these higher meanings, he feels damaged and deprived, which conflicts with the instinctive love for one’s self, leading to a disturbed state of the soul and regret of making such a decision. The body collects the fruits of the soul and mind’s disturbance for they possess a hidden effect on the body’s physiology and health; nerves become tense, and the body suffers illnesses, as man sows the fruit of ignorance of his own nature as well as the nature of the deed he had to perform.


During these holy days on late Ramadan, we ought to sense these meanings that help a believer spend and make profitable transactions with God and buy what is everlasting and win the reward of spending on earth before the hereafter such as tranquility, wisdom, health and a bigger bless from God. The possessors of constancy used to say when asked for a favor “Welcome who came bringing me my provisions to the hereafter for free.”


The prophet of God (PBUH) was right when he said “Care for what benefits you.”