Shaken Hopes & Dreams In A Minute

I write these words on the dawn of Saturday the 16th of October 1999 at 3:00 after midnight in the main reception area of the hotel that holds the annual medical conference for Endocrinology and diabetes groups in Los Angeles USA.

But what woke me up from my sleep at that time, and woke up all the hotel guests is an earthquake.

That was the first time in my life I witnessed divine messages of the universe, which I don’t believe I can describe   in emotions and feelings within this article.

I was deep asleep when I felt the bed moving strongly, I opened my eyes and looked around me then I switched on the light, and saw everything around me moving, including the room walls and felt the earth is shaking the ground bases of the hotel while being on the 9th floor during the shaking of the building like a paper in the wind, I found myself saying my last prayers, asking help from god in those precious moments  that could be my last on this earth and where I would be buried alive after.

I have come to learn afterwards that the earthquake lasted almost a whole minute that felt like ages to me, a whole minute that uncovered my life every time I look at it with its good and bad, filling my heart with fear that my book will be now closed, and thus myself feels pain and regret for each moment in my life I never invested for this day (being my last day on this earth).

Yes, I have felt like lid has been uncovered, and now I have an iron grip vision, I can see the equations clearly, my heart accelerating and pounding almost out of my chest while my mind chases it; the heart and mind wondering: Did we sell or buy 35 years, passing as if it was days against eternal life?

Here I remembered that I am bounded to take reasons for survival, and so I jumped out of my bed, opened my room door and found most of the 9th floor guests standing at their room doorsteps, which is what is being instructed in cases of earthquakes, since it is the strongest point in structure, all of them standing with amazement on their faces with signs of fear and freak-out, yellow paled faces like drained from blood, I stood as they did and found myself praying to god again.

After the earthquake has stopped, I went back to my room, put my clothes on and rushed my way out just in case of an aftershock, as I reached, I found hundreds of hotel guests each telling their experience while being afraid to go back to their rooms, I preferred to take it upon myself to seek a corner away from all this to write my words.

One official approached us and said that the earthquake was very strong (7 on Richter scale) but its centre was a 100 miles away in a desert area.

Truly it was a grace and bless, though if the centre of quake was closer, we could have ended up on a different basis.