So We Don’t Burry Our Generations Alive

It is God’s law that everything changes, as nothing lasts except the face of the Almighty, and with that law societies change every day the sun rises.


Change and improvement are as much as the society’s structure allows observing new generations and as much as these generations can provide their societies with ideas, science and new blood.


In some societies with rapid progression in different areas of life, every year is like a new generation, and every day pumps new blood into the body of society to revive and rejuvenate.


As for societies that fail to absorb the renewed blood every day, life becomes tainted and youth dies and slouches with the flabbiness of the first generation. Those societies even die and bury the capabilities and ambitions of their youth for sequential generations, as they aren’t given the chance to give or change until the death of their enthusiasm, as a result of disappointment and loss of years of vitality and activity.


Those societies regress as creativity is rare. How are they supposed to progress when they are still working with one generation (the first generation) whose been consumed completely?


Progression of age is respectful and appreciated, but the value of men is in their brains and wisdom, not in their age.


If the difference in age was holy, the prophet (PBUH) wouldn’t let Osama Bin Zaid be a leader of troops at the age of 20, when some of the main figures of the Immigrants and Supporters under his leadership where 4 decades his seniors, including Abu Baker Al-Siddiq and Omar Bin Al-Khattab, may God be pleased with all of them.


If age had a supreme superiority, the prophet (PBUH) wouldn’t assign Mus’ab Bin Omair – one of the youngest among the prophet’s companions – to be the first ambassador of Islam and send him to Al-Medina, the most important spot after Mecca and the doorsteps of the Jews at the time.


These are situations through which the prophet (PBUH) teaches us how to use the powers of society, and how to evaluate men with what capabilities and skills that God gave them.


Societies that fail to adjust to the nature of change and fail to observe their youth with their ambitions, hopes, ideas and activities, are societies that destined themselves to stay aback of the carriage, being followers and consumers that follow the lead of creative societies who use the life and giving of their youth and new generations.


This is God’s nature on his earth.


And you will not find an alteration to god’s nature… You will not find a modification to God’s laws.



OKAZ Newspaper – Tuesday 20 Second Jumada 1418 AH falling on 21 October 1997 AD