So We Don’t Straggle Behind the Group

Every issue in life has different angles. Life issues cannot be carefully dealt with and fully understood without taking into consideration all the different aspects and angles.

Nations and people do not move forward without a complete and comprehensive understanding of their own issues, which cannot be achieved without the people’s participation in giving their opinion concerning these affairs from their own angle. Multiple opinions mean multiple views from different perspectives, and the outcome of all these opinions provides representation and understanding to multiple dimensions that cannot be viewed from one angle.

Nations that respect the freedom of speech and gives its people the right to practice it moves forward rapidly and gains a deeper understanding of the dimensions of its own affairs and a more comprehensive outlook. On the other hand, a nation lacking these qualities lacks the comprehensive understanding of its issues and usually has a one-dimensional outlook that does not allow any other opinions, turning this limited outlook into the familiar, acceptable and many other terms that define the same concept: a partial outlook to our issues.

Another dimension or angle that can be useful in reaching a complete understanding of issues is the outsider’s opinion, which is no less important than the insider’s opinion. Nations need someone who is distant, who can look at their affairs on the outside, which adds a more complete view. It is like when someone views the earth from a plane, where every dimension is in itself a different angle. An example is an aerial survey to study the nature of earth and learn how to use its resources, and reach some information that cannot be achieved otherwise.

A distant individual sees things the way they should be and not just as they are, and is able to do so without being weighed down by the restrictions of reality or the frustration with consequences.

In every society, you find authors, scientists, economists, socialists, politicians, philosophers, doctors, lawyers and others. Although their opinions might seem unrealistic or idealistic to insiders, they are in fact the spirit of life that keeps it going and keeps hope alive, as reality to them is what people want for themselves and what kind of reality they want to create.

Who could claim that any of the greatest discoveries and inventions seemed realistic or believable at the beginning when their creators believed in them? Was the idea to walk on the moon anything but a dream and an imaginary plan that man turned into reality with belief, determination and hard work – and God’s will?

Nations that broke the boundaries of reality and raised their generations on the freedom of expression, respect of different opinions, research and meditation, dream nowadays about things that are ridiculed by a lot of other nations, like they did earlier about the idea of flying to the moon. These nations are still moving forward, following their dreams and hopes and turning them into a tangible reality, while others who claim to be realistic and rational consume what they are given after the dream comes true and the idea turns into a reality, straggling behind developed countries.

Our nation was given a special quality unlike others; God put the essence of its worship in meditating, deep thinking and beholding. The Almighty said “Travel through the land and observe how He began creation”… “They think about the creation of heavens and the earth”… “Indeed in that is a sign for those who give thought.”

God is calling us from above seven heavens – as  we are the successors of earth – to take all the steps necessary to use the earth and construct it. Without using it, we will not have the upper hand, and that is God’s method and way “And you will not find an alternative to God’s way”… “And you will not find a substitute to God’s way.”