A Single-occupancy.. A Right for Every Patient

A recently republished paper called, “A Scandalous Impromptu”, originally written in 1976 by Evan JR Burrough, provided a strong view against multi-bed wards and advocates that a person who is sick and already not feeling well should not be put in an environment which will make their condition worse.  The question is why an already […]

Images of Scientific Miracles: Fasting and Anger (Archived)

The complete and correct concept of fasting includes much more than refrain from food and drink. It requires that the Muslim abstains with all his senses from everything that angers God. This part might even have more impact on the self and is harder to commit to.   That is why our prophet (PBUH) ordered […]

Why Physical Activity Is Better Than Rest during Fasting (Archived)

Why Physical Activity Is Better Than Rest during Fasting (1)   Many fasting individuals believe that rest and sleep while fasting is beneficial and saves their energy and protects their health, which is contrary to the scientific facts which state that physical activity while fasting in healthy people has benefits that cannot be achieved without […]


A team of young Saudis produced a short sarcastic comedy / drama film that combines both humor and tragedy, called Monopoly. Over 1 million people watched Monopoly on YouTube in its first week. This documentary film is a plea of help from our youth and it deals with an issue that has generated much heated […]

احتراف الفساد

كتبت في الثاني والعشرين من شهر يونيو عام 2010 مقالاً بعنوان (الفساد.. سرطان المجتمعات) فصلت فيه أوجه الشبه بين السرطان الذي يصيب الإنسان في جسده والفساد الذي يصيب المجتمعات. وأوضحت آنذاك أنه كما أن للسرطان مصدرا رئيسا منه ما ينتشر إلى أطراف الجسد ويتخلل إلى أعضائه الحيوية، فكذلك الفساد له بؤرة ومصدر رئيسي منه ينتشر […]

الفساد .. سرطان المجتمعات .. دائرة التحقيق في الممارسات الفاسدة

  نكمل مقالنا معكم اليوم عن الفساد، سرطان المجتمع وقصة نجاح سنغافورة في محاربة الفساد على مدى ثلاثة عقود.   تغيرت الأحوال في سنغافورة عقب تولي حزب العمل الشعبي مقاليد الأمور والسلطة في البلاد في العام 1959 حيث اتخذت إجراءات صارمة ضد كبار المسؤولين الحكوميين الفاسدين وسرح أغلبهم من الخدمة بينما استقال البعض الآخر طواعية […]

معالم ومنهج تيار الوسطية

تحدثنا في مقالنا السابق بعنوان “الوسطية الجامعة في الإسلام” عن مفهوم الوسطية، وكيف أن سِمَةَ الوسطية هي من أخص ما تتجلى به الشريعة الإسلامية من سمات، وأنها تمثل الفطرة الإنسانية التي فطر الله الناس عليها، وأنها هي التي تؤهل الأمة الإسلامية للشرف العظيم، ألا وهو الشهادة على الناس أجمعين أمام رب العالمين “وكذلك جعلناكم أمة […]

أصبح الفساد.. ثقافة مجتمعنا

كتبت على مدى الأعوام الماضية مقالات عدة عن الفساد منها (مكافحة الفساد.. ودور رجال الأعمال)، (الفساد.. سرطان المجتمعات)، (قصة نجاح سنغافورة)، (دائرة التحقيق في الممارسات الفاسدة)، (ماذا نريد لمحاربة الفساد؟).   وفي مقالي (الفساد.. سرطان المجتمعات) قدّمت التجربة السنغافورية في محاربة الفساد والخطوات الجادة الصارمة والعقوبات الرادعة التي طبقها رئيس وزرائها (لي كوان يو) على […]

الشمولية في الإسلام..رهبان بالليل فرسان بالنهار

لم تفقد الأمة عزتها ومكانتها بين الأمم إلا عندما جعلت الإسلام قاصرا على المسجد وأغلقت عليه الأبواب .. وتم بذلك الفصل بين الدين والحياة .. فالإسلام دين أودعه الله كل الأصول اللازمة لتنظيم حياة الفرد والأسرة والمجتمع والأمة، يقول تعالى في محكم كتابه «ونزلنا عليك الكتاب تبيانا لكل شيء» ويقول الرسول الكريم «والله ما تركت […]

The Revival of the Common Denominators (Archived)

The observer of international newspaper during the days that followed the 8thIslamic Summit Conference, which took place in Tehran from 9-11 December 1997, can read between the lines and see the resentment and terror of any form of an Islamic unity or gathering.   On Friday, 12 December 1997, the New York Times newspaper wrote […]

Choose Your Poisons Carefully! (Archived)

  Nowadays, the imitation of Western countries, especially America, has become very common, as the scientific progress dazzled a lot of people of our nation who became unable to distinguish the good from the bad or right from wrong. As the prophet (PBUH) said “You will follow the paths of those before you, span by […]

Beware the Semi-Scientists

During the early 60’s, drug companies used to submit more than 700 requests to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) annually to approve new drugs and obtain a license to market them, and the FDA had to revise all the information and studies regarding the drug in no longer than 60 days, then it provided […]

Their Humanity… Or Our Divinity?

Good health is one of God’s greatest gifts to His servants.   God has His own reasons when distributing His gifts. He might test His servant with shortage in that gift, and each one of us is exposed to becoming sick or handicapped overnight, we pray to God for you and ourselves to protect your […]

So We Don’t Burry Our Generations Alive

It is God’s law that everything changes, as nothing lasts except the face of the Almighty, and with that law societies change every day the sun rises.   Change and improvement are as much as the society’s structure allows observing new generations and as much as these generations can provide their societies with ideas, science […]

Let’s Ask Ourselves: What Have We Done For Our Societies?

In every society, there is a group of people whose main focus is on moral issues, which don’t usually have any financial returns worth mentioning, and the benefits and returns of this group’s work go to their societies before themselves.    They display the beauty and splendor of these societies, as in the case of […]