The Boom Of Food Markets In Ramadan, Is It A Reflection Of A Soul Disease?

One of the blessing of God on our Islamic nation is fasting the month of Ramadan, and god the creator knows more about what he creates than us, making the act of fasting with many benefits, some which are obvious but many we’re oblivious about, some scene in practical notions, and some uncovered by science day by day, from it what is still a secret only known to God and will not bless them with its knowledge until he wishes as he is more wise to know what’s best for his creatures.


Those benefits combine with human elements of mind, soul and body with unrealized dimensions that relies on how committed a believer is in the soul of fasting and understanding its teachings, commitment, duties, discovering its ethics and its investment to the human soul, thus taking from this month a motivation and an ability to last him the rest of the year ahead.


Fasting is characterized with a divine sense above all, as said by the prophet: “Each effort of Adam is for themselves, all but fasting, it is for God and he rewards for it” and if God who rewards is the creator of reasons and the spreader of livelihood will this reward have a limit? Will this reward be in life or after life, does God wish for whom he loves a ritual other than any ritual with this status, and embodies secrets and benefits evolved from his ability and mercy where he knows bets what’s good for the mind, body and soul?


Ad for the benefit of fasting for the body, books cannot satisfy, as medicine still uncovers to us day by day what goes under scientific miracles.


Fasting has many befits on the digestive system, and diabetes of the second kind and high blood pressure effected by obesity, and where fasting has benefits in the immune system and disease resistance as well.


But those benefits do not occur unless committing to the conditions of fasting, from those conditions, not to each a lot of food when breaking your fast to the limit of being full, those who eat too much during breaking their fast will lose many benefits, as for the body, the harms on the digestive system are sever, and can result in many diseases, thus losing all the physiological, physical and health aspects and what lies beneath it in life before death.


As for the mind, it has already lost the battle against the lust of food, and judgments clouded with desires.


And how would the soul rise up to the occasion to benefit from this month with prayer and plead when its bounded and tided with all what it carries inside it that did not assist in reaching it purpose.


To indulge in the pleasures of food in markets during the month of Ramadan to satisfy the lusts of the stomach, and for the meal to multiply is a reflection of soul diseases that are rooted from soul desires never used to be submitted or contained.


How many fasting people do we see as victims of hunger and thirst?