The Compound of Inferiority

Is it possible for a nation to defy itself?

Yes… A nation defies itself when it loses confidence in its own people and generations and chases after foreigners, thinking that everything Western is better than anything Eastern, and everything given by an American or a European is better than anything received by its own people. It is the compound for the inferiority complex (Caucasian Complex).

How is it possible for someone who believes he is unable to create anything to believe that some of his own people have reached the same heights as the West or even surpassed them, individually speaking?

It hasn’t been until very recently that I realized this illness in our people, especially in the medical field, when I saw with my own eyes how some of our people prefer a foreign doctor while the renowned Eastern Muslim doctor is available. As a doctor, I am able to compare doctors to each other, and knowing who is better and who was chosen, I discovered how wrong and shallow their choices and standards were.

It is a real tragedy… And what tragedy it is for a nation to give itself to foreigners and look at its own people with scorn and disdain… Or even excludes its people from creativity and innovation and denies the rights of whoever excels and improves.

What is really painful is when our own sons immigrate to the West, spend days working hard through colleges and Western medical schools and become famous, then and only then they become worthy of respect and admiration, and that is when Easterners travel abroad to receive medical services by them at Western hospitals. These are wasted fortunes of which we are more deserving in our countries. All what Eastern doctors want is equality and justice, away from inferiority and Caucasian complexes.

Who knows, the knowledge of an Eastern Muslim could be equal to a nonbelieving Westerner, but God allows some sorts of recovery made possible by a Muslim doctor’s sincerity, purity and devotion, that are not unachievable by all Western doctors combined.

Okaz Newspaper – 26 First Jumada 1417 AH falling on 8 October 1996 AD