The Existence Of Institutional Support

The Zionist movement was successful in its strike against Islam, by draining the sources of financial support to Islamic institutions around the world and forcing capitals to isolation.


And thus shaking the most important principal in the divine message that was assigned and carried by our nation, which is the principal of globalism replaced by principals of nationalism.


Most of financial capitals that were supporting Islamic Institutions not long ago around the world, now does not even dare to support those same institutes outside its nationalistic geographic space, and where even some are afraid to support the Islamic institutes inside of their country.


This separation between countries of the Islamic world and its different institutions (Divide and conquer principal) is one of the main goals of the Global Zionist movement and their agents who despise Islam and Muslims, such as Russia, India and others.


Otherwise how can Israel, Russia, India and others like them continue their oppression to Muslims in Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir and others?


How can they take over the resources and lands of Muslims? At the same time, springs of support are draining on those affected Islamic countries, thus not allowing them to send money to support orphans and the sick of Muslims who suffer agony under oppression of occupiers, and where we read about the American glorification of an American Jew who spent his life as a cleaning guy to write in his well the amount of 5 million dollars, which he saved throughout his work all those years, to support the Israeli Army to continue its tyranny against an unarmed nation, all with a global blessing an unconditional support.


And where I have a personal experience in the positive change in supporting Islamic institutions since September 11th as one of the members of trustees in the Islamic community in Boston, and although we were able to develop the biggest Islamic cultural center in America with the support and help of Boston’s city mayor and the redevelopment Authority of Boston .


And regardless the fact that the land which the Islamic center is established on in Boston was presented to the Muslim community by the state government of Boston with a symbolic price due to what the Muslim community provides to Boston from services and educational as well as social programs, although that the Islamic community has obtained an official recognition from the Mayor of Boston.


With all that, many businessmen freaked in terror to support any Islamic projects forcing them to not even consider any Islamic institution regardless of its activities only asking to be left in peace.


And I believe if the situation continued on, in darning springs of support to such Islamic institutes around the world, there will not be any country left with peace.


Islam is strong with its globalism and binding nation and contribution towards the holding the message in pushing falsehood and providing goodness to the world.


And the assurance of wealthy individuals to pay their dues and charities and making sure their reaching to the right direction is a religious obligation, and in the case of taking reasons to search and look and making sure than the money has reached its trusted destination, it is the obligation of those wealthy people not to neglect their duties towards their brothers and sisters and Islamic institutions around the world to assure their safety, and to use the money for goodness and wellbeing of our nations around the world.