The House Of God Is Better Than Disney

One of my dear friends told me about a situation he faced while in Masjid al-Ḥaram, this friend of mine is a member in the parliamentary council and one of the people with initiative and care towards reform.


He called me minutes after his incident telling me: “today he was a doctor, and asked him, how so? He answered that, while he was praying in the mosque, he heard one of people shouting while sleeping and moving his limbs unnaturally, another person came up to him and started reading verses of Quran, and where our friend here realized it was a disease symptom that has struck the person but he did not know what was wrong with him, thus taking initiative to find someone to help take this person to the hospital, and after prolonged discussion he was able to convince some cleaning staff to carry the patient outside the mosque and take him to the hospital.


Before I continue with the subject and this incident, I would like to speak about a the theme park city of ‘Disney Land’ which is a city visited by people from all over the world to live in days of entertainment with themselves and their families, in this entertainment city, you find first Aid staff and Medical staff roaming the city holding wireless devices to communicate immediately from any spot in this city, they are well trained and able to reach any point in the city within few minutes, where officials of the city consider themselves responsible for the safety of any individual who enters this entertainment city.


I write these words from the heart of this mosque, the spot where the most honorable and respected house of God on the face of the earth, where Muslims from all over the world come to visit his holy place.


Our question here is, in the case of injury to any individuals inside this mosque filled with worshippers, with a serious injury that requires emergency treatment, such as a heart attack or brain stroke, or a diabetes comma, how will we identify what we’re dealing with the necessary required speed to avoid negative consequences?


Is there a studied system that complies with Masjid al-Ḥaram structure and plan?


If there isn’t any, why don’t we leave it to the people of knowledge and research in this field to study the issue and find the required system to fit the environment of the mosque? Universities study to plan for amusement and theme parks and others, but to plan for a mosque is not studied in any university around the world, and there are many examples that show the difference between planning for Masjid al-Ḥaram and other cities.


As a visitor I look at the house of God to see medical staff  wearing clothes that can identify them, trained and equipped with the best medical equipments for the to be able to respond quicker to emergency cases supported by medical points around the mosque.


It is truly a responsibility, if the people who made Disney land take this subject seriously to the most extreme levels of safety to assure the wellbeing of its visitors, why is it that we while having the most sacred house of God on earth do not do as they do.