The Meaning of Success

When success to reach a noble cause becomes inherent, one should not be afraid of sharing their success with others. On the contrary, those who believe in a certain idea or value love to see their societies sharing their ideas and values, which will help them reach their ultimate goals.


For instance, a skilled doctor, who aims at relieving his patients’ pain and providing perfect medical services to as many people as possible, would be happy to see successful doctors performing their duties. Their success will not take away any of his own success, but would rather complement it and help with reaching the goal.


A successful writer who believes in a noble cause, and uses his words to spread it and defend it, is happy when more and more successful authors use their words to defend the very values and principles in which he believes, which will not demean or lessen his own success.


A fair judge who believes in equality, realization of rights and revoking of falsehood, is happy to see other judges around him with a solid foundation of knowledge and integrity, which does not detract from his own knowledge and integrity but complement and supplement them.


When success becomes inherent in ourselves and becomes associated with a noble cause and a higher call, we are happy when others share the same goals and aims with us. We even invite them to share our vision to support us and follow through with what we started. We become even happier when others adopt our principles and believe in them, and talk about them as a part of who they are. By doing so, we ensure the success of our goals and the principles we live for.


On the other hand, when we attack other successful individuals because we are afraid their success would overshadow ours, or attack them for who they are and not for their beliefs and what they want to achieve, then we have to ask ourselves: What is our definition of success?


Al-Muslimoon Newspaper – 1993