The Revival of the Common Denominators (Archived)

The observer of international newspaper during the days that followed the 8thIslamic Summit Conference, which took place in Tehran from 9-11 December 1997, can read between the lines and see the resentment and terror of any form of an Islamic unity or gathering.


On Friday, 12 December 1997, the New York Times newspaper wrote a report about the conference, where the writer tried to direct the reader to the idea that the real motive for 55 Islamic countries to meet in Iran is to express their anger against Israel and its policies, and to conspire against it while it is one country against 55 others.


The significance of the conference lies in many points, such as the fact that it included the biggest number of Islamic countries since the first meeting in 1969, which included 25 countries only.


The other significance, in my opinion, is the fact that it took place during a time abundant with trade blocs, such as the European, Asian and American Union. Each power started looking for economical partners and signing different treaties to guarantee the optimum use of the common interests even if it was a clear violation of the principles and values which those countries claim to be preaching and working towards spreading and defending. One example is the trade agreement between America and China; despite all the violations of human rights which China practices, and despite the major differences between the two countries, America favored the economic benefit and put it atop the human rights and political principles it claims.


In conclusion, they look for what they agree on and overlook what they disagree on.


What major countries know as well as all other countries in the world is that the common factors between countries in the Islamic world is unmatchable anywhere else on earth, and that is why it is beneficial for them to revive the differences and disagreements between Islamic countries “Divide and Conquer.”


The participation of 55 Islamic countries in the 8th Islamic Summit Conference gives Muslims a political and economic importance, and reminds the world that the common denominators on which they base their relationships with one another will not live up to what God has given the Islamic nation of bonds and ties governed by a divine constitution and protected by the Lord of men. That is why enemies of Islam will not stop trying to separate the Islamic unity.


No other saying is more truthful that what the wise man said to his sons before his death:

My sons, be together when

A matter occurs and do not separate

Spears refuse to break when united

And when separated, they break in ones

Is there anything that a wolf loves more than eating a stray sheep?



OKAZ Newspaper – Tuesday 16 Shaaban 1418 AH falling on16 December 1997 AD