The Rich First (Archived)

We believe that God does test human, either by providing generously or lacking and short, and the same goes for all communities, either given years of prosperity, or years of hardship. And there are those who excelled in both tests, he thanks when it’s giving, and patient when hard, and thus the matters of this community will be always in good hands.

Truth to the matter, those years of hardship and tightness could become an opportunity to build bridges of care, bonding of brotherhood and interdependence between members of society, where only in those situations where we can test what men are made of, and where competition heats up to be righteous, and where an oppressed individual would get a helping hand.

In times of tightness, society members are more aware and appreciative of the life values, hardship and shortage of resources scatters senses of flocculation that comes from the increased blessings, and gives a new taste to the simplest blessings in our lives.

It becomes obvious that members of society would starts saving in all aspects of their life, in what is indicated by “tightening the belt” for the society to success in passing through this ordeal, and for the rich to become role models for members of society by financial, morale and oneness contributions. But it was limited members of the middle class, limited income and the poor, middle class would become limited income, and limited income class becomes needy, and the poor becomes poorer, without the riches contribution. This would incite hatred among the poor and widens the gap between layers of the community. This could result to serious consequences that would destroy the fundamentals of society structure, and where history is no short in providing stories and examples of society corruption and luxury spending until destruction.

With such role models, the poor is comforted, and the needy got his need when seeing the wealth spreading financially and sentimentally at their will and choice, and only by this, societies can succeed and come out stronger from what they used to be.