They Are A Nation…What Are We?

Another Ramadan comes by, to motivate us towards renovation, and much we’re eager to renew faith in our hearts and free our minds from the strings of life in order to live up to it with our hearts and souls above the materials of life and its spoils.


Another Ramadan comes by, carrying goodness as much as it can and asks: is there anyone in this nation that wants to receive this goodness? But who lost the scope of heart to receive goodness of this month; Ramadan to them is only traditions and rituals, hunger and thirst, followed with persistent dips in the pleasures of this world to satisfy their instincts.


These days we have to wonder as individuals and communities: why did out nation reach where it did, attacked by other nations like it’s attacked by predators? Why did we become like a flood of scum when we are so many, why did we lose our weight between other nations and people? Isn’t building nations with building the individual, and those who do not built individuals, correct them and emancipate them in the month of fasting, would there be anything else that can build them?!!


Renovation, correction and emancipation cannot happen until we go deep in understanding rituals to overcome their manifestations and live from its deep soul, the definition of the right and complete fasting includes much more than just not eating and drinking, but involves fasting from all what angers creations and the creator, to live up to their creations, dealings, idealistic and senses, if we want to know if a nation fast for real we need to look on how they deal with each other, their ethics and behaviors during and after the month of Ramadan, if nothing has changed from all this means that those nations have only fast from food and drink.


Our prophet told us to have tranquility, motivate and work towards bettering ourselves, especially in such a month, and to live up to our ethical principles, such as avoiding anything that makes us anxious and angry, those images of emotions are just one of the miracles of science, where modern medical science explains, when we are angry there will be an increase of producing of hormones in the body called “adrenalin” by 10 times, this hormone does various functions, I will mention two of them in my article, and the effect of each function “in a day of the fasting individual”.


First: Adrenaline hormone results in increasing the speed and acceleration of burning the Glycogen storage in the liver, this storage is very important since it turns to Glucose sugar in the blood to provide the body with the necessary energy during fasting, and in the case of anger the producing of this hormone goes up 10 time the normal rates, thus burning the Glycogen storage fast to provide the body with what it needs from energy during a fight or something similar, and this is wasteful for the body’s energy during fasting, by the time half of the individuals fasting day they start to develop signs of sever attrition and tiredness due to wasting energy in the wrong places.


Second: Adrenaline hormone results into an increased urination process, thus allowing fasting individual to lose more quantities of fluids in anger during fasting, resulting the feel of sever thirst and tiredness by the end of their fasting day due to the increased hormone produced in anger.


Medical research conducted on people that fast, confirm physiological benefits to the body, also a great benefit to support the immune system and ability to fight diseases in general, cancerous ones in specific. To be indulged in the pleasures of different foods, especially during Ramadan of every year to fulfill the abdomen lust needs a stop and a question: Is Ramadan considered a month to fulfill those lusts or to control them?


Is this a reflection of psychological dysfunction and were lusts rooted in souls?


We have to stand at the prophets saying “We are people who never eat till we are hungry, and if we eat we’re never full” and we ask ourselves, is there a deeper meaning to what’s obvious in the prophet saying?


What we have mentioned about fasting is just one of the things known by our first generation and what raised on them during the month of fasting, they were able to translate it practically in their lives and stood up for humanity to the highest levels, so are we the people who were mentioned by the prophet, or are we Semi conducted people?