They are selling their organs (Archived)

One of our readers wrote to us saying:

I am a guy who reads one of your great and exciting magazines about health, and I have an important thing to mention, which to my knowledge that human can live with quarter of a kidney, and so I am ready to sell one of my kidneys with the condition of selling it with around 7000 dollars. If you agree to do so, and you have come to know someone that can buy it, I would be grateful, especially to the people who need it most. And I will write down my address, and say, I am a young man, who wish to be married, but have no money, and becoming old, I am 34 years old, and I swear to god, my salary is not enough for me and my old mother, but surviving with the power of will and tightening the belt on out wastes to last a month, and so I figured, if human can live with quarter of a kidney, I am ready to sell one kidney, so I can find someone to marry me and help with my old mother. I am in good health, I do not smoke drugs or cigarettes, or drink any alcohol, and so my kidneys are good to go, appreciating your time, and all the respect.

End of letter.

Yes, there are who would be forced into selling their organs in Islamic communities for a jacket and a living, and this would seem a fantasy to the people living a life of luxury, but it is nonetheless a bitter truth living amongst Muslim communities.

And if it is to ask: what makes those Muslim communities different than other western communities such as America?

Is the existence of a majority of passport holders where religion mentions: Muslim, or are there certain specifications recognized in Muslim communities than others?

Islam, didn’t leave an area of social, economical or political life, unless its organized, disciplined, and gave rules and laws, and adjusted its balance so as not to overshadow human, creating unbalance, and destroy justice, values and ethic, and corruption spreads throughout the land.

Social justice is a reflection to how much the soul of Islam is applied in the society, and sponsorship of social values as one image of justice, and a term of faith.