Throwing Stones… On The Devil Or On Us

I write this article while coming back from Hajj, where I was blessed with my wife to do Hajj this year, and we only ask of God to accept our journey in his holy house.


And my nature that refuses to accept things as they are, only throw eyes of profession that is aspired by heavens and ordered for the carriers of the last divine message on earth to the whole of humanity, as I had talks, aches and many hopes with my soul for all the things I have witnessed leaving specks in the eyes and aches in the heart while the mind wonders: why did you tire me as I tire you… and I wanted to share one of the tens of questions that needs reviewing, reflection and diagnoses as well as treatment, and I chose in this article the issue of throwing stones in the steps of doing Hajj. And before entering the negativities of the current application to the act of throwing stones in Hajj, I would like you to share with me the summary of the talk with myself and questioning my mind, where the following day from throwing stones, and after finishing with the stones, I stepped away from the killing traffic and sat down looking and reflecting while examining. I saw from far a man given a very long stand and great strength, trying to crack his way open violently to reach the first row until he disappeared from the scene, few minutes later, I saw him come out after throwing his stones. And I do not know how many Muslims were hurt by his entrance and exist, and I saw a weak woman with her old husband trying to reach a point where they able to throw their stones and reach it destination, and here my mind asked me: which stones are more hurtful to the devil… the stones of the strong and tall Muslim able to reach the front row after hurting Muslims hitting them in his way in and out, thus having stones more like bullets due to his strength and closeness to the aim? Or those stones of those who never pushed people away and certainly not harming them to reach a spot where they can throw their stones, and where each stone they carry, hold deep meanings in their soul, as to each stone resembling sins, taking stones from their pockets as taking from the heart and throwing them as if they throw all the sins away from their hearts, rooting them out where there is no roots left after this day?!


Here I found the answer to the question, the torment of the devil in this day only increases with the increase of feeling and sensing those meanings of rooting out sins from hearts while taking out the stones from their pockets and throw them away from their hearts to the face of the devile.


But those who hurt Muslims and never senses those divine meanings, will not have any effects on their hearts, and where they believe that the torment of the devil increases by increasing the power of their throw, even to be deceived by the devil, not knowing who throw stones at who.


And then I had another look, only to view chaos, confusion and loss of efforts due to the lack of a designated exist and entry paths when throwing the stones, as if the situation turned in to a battle between Muslims to reach the devil.


That day of torment to the devil is the day were Muslims come from all ends of the world, gathered by a brotherhood and merciful system, helping their brother in agony and pain, the strong helping the weak, and the young helping old, embodying all the deep meanings of throwing those stones… and then my mind asked me: what is stopping that from happening?


To say that most Muslims are poor and ignorant, and that it won’t happen until generations of generations, is a refused statement and an unacceptable excuse, for all change in people and communities, and making history that only comes from the fewest of people of knowledge in their communities? And this is a tradition that will stay till the end of time.


Leaders of this nation from scientists and thinkers should live up to the occasion and fixed their situation by not leaving room to ignorance and chaos.


And since this is not my specialty I put in the hands of readers to provide solutions, although I have spoken with experts in the subject that identified the need to claim help from specialized individuals with ‘Crowd Management’.


Finally, I ask: will the day come, where an old Muslim woman and her weak husband come out to throw their stones with assured safety on themselves, thus finding proper organization, all waiting their turn to throw their stones and feel the deep meanings of such act, to embody the day of torment to the devil by humans, on the day their mercy comes upon their peers while earning divine mercy.