Twenty Years In The In America

I am writing these words on board a flight taking me from Boston to London on my way to Jeddah taking my wife and 3 kids, thus the memories go back 20 years when I was 18 years of age, taking a flight on my own immigrating to obtain knowledge, that was on the 4th of July (U.S independence day) in 1982, I have spent 20 years passing as they were an hour during a day, passed with its joys and sorrows, nothing left from it but the works I have done while my memory stands witness, I ask it to summarize what I have gathered, it reminded me of dreams and hopes I built and a path I drew to myself at that time, I smiled looking at the path written to me by God and assisted me in, as it was different from that which I have written, the summery came to me, and it was the faith and assures that God does what he wishes, he is the one who gives his people reasons to follow, and prevents others what he wishes to prevent for a wisdom only he knows about, and we can only accept and embrace what becomes of us while following reasons with reasons, and never to fail every time God opens a door or gave a reason, in fear of closing that door on them, where no place for the word ‘I’ but only the well of God paving for reasons, for us to take and to submit ourselves to his wishes in belief of his ultimate divine wisdom and ask for his blessings.


I graduated from school on top of my class in 1982 and went to Pennsylvania, back then I was planning to study the science of management and economy for 4 years in Warton school, one of the best schools in that area, and then to study Law (JD) for 3 years to come back to the Arab world after and study Islamic Law in Al-Azhar University, filled with hope the day will come where I will be blessed by God to defend human rights and Islamic causes around the world, and that was the way I drew to myself, but God had different wishes for me, where instead of studying management and economy I studied industrial engineering and graduated from George Washington university also at the Top of my class in 1987 and instead of studying Law, God wished for me to become the first Saudi national to graduate from an American Medical school (MD) graduating from George Washington with honors in 1991 and then kept training and did a fellowship in Harvard Hospitals to receive the American board for internal diseases in 1995, and the American board in Endocrinology and Diabetes from Harvard in 1999, at the same year I have also obtained a Masters from Harvard in Management and Medical Laws and where I ended up spending 29 years in America instead of 7 years, 9 years of them I spent in Washington and 11 years in Harvard University in Boston, and gradually becoming a doctor from training stages to a faculty member in Joslin diabetes center and Harvard Educational Hospital (the house of Israel and Dickenson), to see up close and personal the period post September 11th not as a witness but as a factor from the heart of the event, where it was written for me to defend Islamic caused in America throughout different media sources, Universities, Churches, Temples and Governmental offices, not as a lawyer but as a Doctor who is scientifically credible and my efforts in treatment in the community lived by Christians, Jews and Muslims and others from different religions, and where God has used me in what he wishes to find myself achieving the dreams of an 18 year old boy all over night but in the path drawn to me by God and not by myself.


It’s beautiful how God throws the importance of me going back to my homeland in 1997 and work to raise the level of health awareness in our country, started by being supported by my father in studying the feasibility of establishing a medical center that would be unique and pioneer in the Arab world, the work on this project stayed for 3 continuous years only for September 11th to come as if this medical project is on a date waiting the day for it to become a reality and to announce for me to come back home, my departure from America was not an easy decision, and was not based on a whim, but I still have my heart towards working as a member in the board of trustees in the Islamic community of Boston, and celebrate the establishment of biggest Islamic Cultural Center in America, in the heart of Boston City, minutes away from the biggest universities and Medical city. Two decades of time in America has unfolded what assisted me and the support of all my family. I do not know what will another two decades will unfold in the Arab world, or will my book be closed before that.