What Did We Prepare For The Next Hole?!

Two cannot disagree from our nation that we are being plagued heavily, and the bulk of their main concerns is not to come out as losers from this plague, and those who do not realize the intentions of such plague cannot be aware of ways to success in them and are also are in great danger.

From the aspects of not have full comprehension to God’s laws in achieving victory is to find our nation wondering about the reasons of the delayed victory from God to the oppressed from our Muslim nations east and west of the world, but they forget that, the most important conditions to achieve such victory is to entitle torment on the people of torment, and entitle mercy of the people of mercy.


Many of the nation’s scientists do not suspect the torment is already entitled on people of torment such as the Zionist enemy and who supported them with what their hands had offered them, but the question is: Is mercy entitled for the nation of Islam yet?


Here we have Noah’s story with his people to embody the wisdom behind the delayed victory on people of mercy even when torment is due to people of torment.


After God has informed his prophet that no one will receive his calling to believe in God, only the ones who already believe in his creations, ordered by God to build the Ark which took hundreds of years to be built, where people of mercy became a laughing-stock to people of torment.


But if God’s ruled for no one to believe Noah, only the ones who already believe in divine creation, why the delay in landing torment on people of torment?


It is only the wisdom of God to attest the people of mercy (Noah’s people), as God did not inform Noah that no one will disbelieve you, only the ones who already disbelieve in gods creations, thus the people of mercy becoming attested from Noah’s people.


And he we should ask ourselves, everyday and every hour: How do we rehabilitate ourselves? How do we rehabilitate our communities? How do we rehabilitate our nation to complete reasons in achieving God’s victory?


Our religion is the religion of life, not the religion of rituals and traditions..


Our lives are living tongues speaking our religions state…


So how’s our life? And how’s our religion?


I went through a personal experience that took me in a world I was away from, but when I came closer, meanings and definitions have embodied to me like I have never seen or hear about it before, and during this experience and at its peak, I remembered words I read a while ago and founds its place in my heart, it was the words of Al-Refaie from his book “the inspiration of the pen’ from an articles called “Life and Money”,  in his article he say: “the glorification to life and money by the nation is slavery towards animalistic means in people amongst each other, cutting the cords of texture of harmony between humans, and where personal interest has the upper hand, and lying enters in everything even in how to look at money, thus each person seeing money as more valuable than other people’s money, if given less they start to cheat, if given more they start to steal, and all souls become commercial soul, thus cheating, damage and monopolies become the ruler, and where the awareness of traders becomes the cause of the buys ignorance, management goes bad, where traders in good nations are nothing but teachers of honesty and ethics, their words are numbered with balance (no less, no more), tested by life and money more than any prayer in his prayer or fast.


Our nation’s victory starts from here…


Our nations defeat started from here, and what we witness and see from the nation’s collapse on our nations and their oppression to us, our humiliation and contempt on people and the delays of victory, all this is only a reflection outcomes of the diseases in our nations souls.


Nothing will change until we change what is in ourselves.