Where Is The Islamic Dialogue?

God has sent Quran to be a constitution, and sent his messenger ‘Mohammad’ to translate such constitution as a curriculum to practical life, thus his biography was a method followed on earth.


Islam holds general characteristics we will focus on today about ‘Dialog in Islam’, and from those characteristics: Divine, humanity, Inclusiveness, Stability and Flexibility.


As for divine characteristics, where Muslims themselves are with divine aims, goals and directions, divine in their sources and methods, divine in the ways needed to carry this calling to the world (Islam) until it reaches all of humanity, this notification does not calling cannot be completed unless with dialogs, discussions and correspondence.


As for the divine source and method, it requires carriers of the messages to extrapolate the divine method in their God’s book, translated in the life of his messenger prophet ‘Mohammad’ and all the messengers and prophets before him through quranic verses to become clear for us that dialog is the most important principals that is embedded by divine methods.


And where Moses speaks to his God, asking him to supply him with what he needs to deliver his message, but God knows better of what his messengers need to complete the call, but he made him speak, discuss and request, only then to respond to his request to root for us the principals of dialog and discussion, thus starting with God himself with all of his prophets.


As for the second characteristic which is humanity, for Islam is the religion of humans, came to free them from human slavery to worshiping the creator of all mankind, bringing honor, protection, happiness and highness of humans, and from this stage, was the message of prophets to call humans to accept the divine message with discussion, dialog, persuasion and good arguments. Where Moses was sent to pharaoh, and who is pharaoh? The one who claimed to be God himself, and where God tells him prophet Moses, how to dialog with humans representing the tyrant images of humanity, that is pharaoh, and where God ordered Moses to send the calling to pharaoh, maybe he would listen.


Tell us? To whom? To pharaoh it’s a divine method for the calling, addressed to all who carries his message and came to call people for it, any kinds of people, and present us with images of Quran from dialogs of prophets with their people, like Moses with his people when they slacked to come back to Canaan lands and ruled by God with wilderness, and Moses dialog with Samaritan, and his dialog with his brother Aaron about the seduction of Calf, and images of the dialog between the son and his father resembled with the believer son ‘Ibrahim’ and infidel father, and the dialog between the believer father Noah with his infidel son.


Generations of Muslims inherited this method to be developed with the evolution of centuries and the need of calling humans to know each other, thus having seminars, discussions and dialogs on scientific, scholars and researcher’s levels up until recently.


As for the 3rd characteristic is the inclusiveness not inclusive to a time or place, this emancipates it from Ideology, as it belongs to the whole world regardless of their mother tongues or colors to all nations of east and west of the earth, as the prophet ‘Mohammad’ was sent to all humanity, not like the ones before him from messengers with specific and designated messages to nations and people in specific, thus no body claiming guardianship on it, as there is no difference between an Arab or a foreigner only in devotion , as well as the comprehensiveness of legislations in all fields and areas of life.


As for the 4th characteristic is Stability and Flexibility, stability in aims and goals, and flexibility in methods and ways, thus having a more efficient dialog due to the existence of references and a center point to launch subjective efficient dialog using available modern tools.


And according to this principal, caring to assure the practice of this principal and its application, established the first generations, becoming giants who established civilizations witnessed by history and scientists in all fields of life and science.


And where the concept of dialog and discussion were from the principals that was instilled iin the upbringing of individuals in the community, whether it was in the house, school, university, shop, factory or market.


Dialog holds certain ethical traits that need to be embodied by its people, such as patients and good manners, calm in their approach and talk away from false finding and humor.


And after all this fast presentation, are we to ask: where is the dialog between our nation’s people? The world is demanding us to dialog, it was best if we pursuit dialog tens of years ago with the best modern methods available to humans in this age, but how are we to dialog when our nation have never practice in its fullest concept since long ago, we see no discussions between fathers and sons, wrong practices to the principals of obedience and honoring one’s parents, no dialogs and discussions between students and teachers, and wrong practices to the principals of respect and appreciation, no dialog and discussion between employers and their employees, and wrong practices the principals of following orders, no dialog or discussion between the governed and their governors, and wrong practices of the principals of following governors orders and obedience.


Where are the seminars and dialogs between scholars and scientists of the nation away from defamation, Stultification, questioning belief, classification and output of a group, and the atonement and claiming guardianship on thoughts and Muslims minds?


The absence of subjective dialog inside the Islamic community in the house, school and university and the absence of subjective dialog between scientists, scholars and thinkers, and the absence of dialog between Islamic nations and others have made humans lose one of the most pillars to launch world peace from that is missing and wanted in this world.