Will the Nation Fast… Or Replace It?!

Al-Refaie wrote in an article titled ‘the month of revolution…Philosophy of fasting) and he said about fasting: “the forced poverty in me wants to make my human soul sense in a practical and clear way, that the right life is what’s behind it not what is in it, and it is only complete when all people are equal in the feeling not when they are in different, and when they have compassion towards one pain, not fighting with many feelings and whims, thus putting humanity in a single psychological state dressed with a global soul, launching the sound of spirit through this humanity to teach mercy and calls for it, and where rules of the soul that mercy is created from agony and pain, and this is some of the great social secrets of fasting, overstating with exaggeration, inspecting every detail, in prevention of food and semi-food on the stomach and its fringes drawing energy to the last drop, this practical way to teach the soul about mercy, no other way than from catastrophes and disasters. Those are two ways, one which you are able to see and feel, and the other is blind from your senses, one is private to your soul the other is public to the naked eye, one is with a system the other is all of a sudden”.


As I read these words, I feel the obligation of achieving the works of fasting in the soul this year, it is a revolution to make the sound of spirit higher to teach mercy and calls for it all over the world, otherwise, how does the best of nations fating have a meaning urged by religion? And how does the spirit sounds reach high when our nation went through forced poverty in fasting? How does the spirit sounds reach high when our nation still runs busy with life and frustrated with work, not realizing that true life is what lies behind it not what’s in it? How to realize that life is what lies beneath and not with it when it wore bright accessories and playing the most beautiful words and best creative pictures, where the nation no longer hear or see but the loud noise of life overcoming all senses.


The month of Ramadan is a month of revolution from all the lusts of life with all its images while doing the best of efforts and energy to break constrains and habits that overshadows the sound of spirit and seeing what’s beneath life. Two of the most important battles in the nation’s history and humanity (Badr and Uhod) happened during the month of Ramadan to resemble and assure that the most important lesson of the practically of fasting in razing the sound of spirit, and where the victory of humanities teacher, the last of God’s prophets, in those two battles and others where most took place also in this holy month to complete the full comprehension and importance of this month.


The higher intentions of this holy month is to sense human suffering and agony in all its images from poverty, weakness, inability and oppression, and to sense with active people not the inactive, and where earth is in desperate need for the nation to accomplish the concept of fasting through the last divine message on earth, aimed to emancipate humanity from all oppression, tyranny and slavery.


Will the nation fast this year, to realize the meaning of what beneath and behind life not in it? Will the sound of spirit be high enough to teach mercy and calls for it? Will fast raise awareness in the souls of our nations to remove tyranny and help its weak and bring victory to right and its people?


If the nation did not do that, will it have other than catastrophes and disasters to show it the real message and what it bears? Or is it changed, how not when all people of torment are increasing their oppression and tyranny and the people of right are increasing their submission.