Yes, Educators Make Mistakes Sometimes

Yes, Educators Make Mistakes Sometimes


History has documented the life stories of unusual titans and insisted on immortalizing them with bold headlines. They started their lives with modest beginnings and refused to leave until they engraved their words and stances on the mountains and the pages of history to last for hundreds of years after they were gone.


A look at the history of those great people makes it clear that they all shared one factor in common, despite the differences in their images, languages, backgrounds, tactics, goals and achievements.


They all shared faith in the cause for which they worked hard. They shared listening and following their hearts.


Their faith in their causes was absolutely unshakable.


Their life was the life of their cause, and the death of it was their own death.


They didn’t care if society discredited them, ridiculed them or claimed them wrong, as they were walking down a rough road and undertaking huge responsibilities, while everybody around them was enjoying the pleasures of life.


They were creators, pioneers, inventors and renovators, for they weren’t used to being imitators or followers.


Everything they did was pure, coming from the bottom of their hearts, which is immeasurable.


What’s strange is that most of those creative pioneers were faced by a lot of rejection from those closest to them – often with no bad intentions – since some chose different paths from the ones their parents hoped for. Some of their parents were dreaming their child would become a doctor and he became one of the best-known judges of his time, and some wanted their child to be an engineer but he turned out to be the best-known author of his time, and history is full of similar examples.


Lucky for their societies and for humanity at large, those great people followed their hearts and the calls of their nature and refused to become a tool to achieve their parents’ dreams.


God created every living soul, and gave it special talents and skills unknown to anyone but the one who created it and the one who was given those capabilities. How are parents supposed to know their children’s talents and skills more than themselves?


Does someone else dream for you while you sleep?


Or does your heart beat in someone else’s chest while you’re awake?


Creativity starts with a dream that knocks on the heart’s door and wakes it up, and if the heart responds, it beats faster and stronger, and blood rushes through the veins to quench the body’s thirst and give it more life, and the body’s organs and senses follow its orders.


Creativity requires faith in what you do. That mysterious faith coming from the heart is a mission that the person was created for and was given the right set of skills to reach it. All one has to do is listen to his heart.


That is the path to creativity and no other. There is also a big difference between success and creativity.


Yes, parents and educators can be wrong sometimes, and a lot of them made mistakes. If it wasn’t for God’s will and the persistence and faith of the pioneers in their missions, their societies would have been deprived from so many great inventions and a lot of words and stances that were immortalized by history to embody the human creativity, dedication and persistence.


To parents and virtuous educators, please don’t kill creativity in your children, thinking that you know their skills, capabilities, and the calling of their hearts better than they do.


And don’t turn your children into a tool to achieve your own goals and dreams that you couldn’t reach because of your circumstances. Each person has his own capabilities, and each one has his own mission. If you do that, the price might be very high and would be paid by your children and their societies every day while you are unaware.


“For each following is a direction toward which it faces, so race to all that is good.” Right is God Almighty.


OKAZ Newspaper – Tuesday 11 Rabi Al-Awwal 1418 AH falling on 15 July 1997 AD