You Are “The Talent”

“Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads.”

Talents are special gifts God rewarded individuals with; they are your signature in other people’s lives, some do recognize it and some don’t. But it is not how much you have that matters, it is what you do with your talent that matters.

Unleashing individuals’ potential is one of IMC’s strongest core competencies. Over the years, we have cultivated the fruits of having an environment that promotes innovation, and engages people in developing and managing talents. Examples are many and from all around the hospital where talents were given chances to shine in areas sometimes even far from their primary specialty.

It is one thing to command the obedience of employees, yet it’s another thing to win their hearts and minds and thereby fully engage their passion, initiative and creativity. Leader-aspirants should strive to fulfill this objective, and work in orchestrated team teams shows how this can be done. Leaders in every area should be a talent scout; they should devote time and effort in identifying, directing and empowering talents to fulfill their ambitions in the pursuit of team, organizational and societal goals. Another aspect of nurturing organizational talent is growing “Professional Talent”. That is through rewarding innovation related to our daily practice.

How many simple ideas touched patients’ lives every day and reflected on their experience or drew a smile on their faces? These ideas have value because teams shared their ideas rather than protecting it, because they were listening rather than telling, and because they valued the “we” and neglected the “I” in their efforts.

Unleashing the potential of the organization starts with leading individuals’ talent to fulfill their life goals. This only comes with dedicated leadership in every area that believes in the value of that for them and the organization as a whole. The magazine between your hands presents some of our talents, and I urge each one of my colleague farmers, each in his position, to engage positively in embracing talents of the IMC. Share your stories, your talents, your ambitions, your successes and your excellence with us and the whole world.

You are our TALENT, make us proud.

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.”