Acceleration In Differentiation

When oppression spreads and corruption prevails and everything turns upside down, goodness in people refuses to be silent and declares itself calling as if its saying “I am alive even in the darkest days” for rights do not die, and proper human nature refuses to follow oppression or even relay on its people, and where the words of justice and right always fights with souls until if finds a way out with a good calling or a whining cry on ink on paper to line up righteous words and witness on history and its people.


I have just finished reading words that I consider as the lineup to the righteous word, written by Dr. William Albert a priest in Boston Medical center, holder of a PhD from Boston University in Psychology, he has many well known articles in subjects of racism, as well as religious and political subjects, and he’s heard of my activities in Boston and sent an article few weeks earlier imploring me to translate and publish it in Arabic newspapers, I spoke to him over the phone, and felt sincerity in his tune and read his article in details, the subject was “It essential for America to start with itself, in its war on terrorism”


He starts his article by saying: “did the Bush administration go into war with terrorism or is it continuing its terrorist war? This was did not start with the crime of September 11th, carrying out its acts in that horrific day above American lands by a secretive group in revenge of America’s foreign policies and no less secretive from it that its goal to terror nations of the Middle East and other in the world for centuries to go under our name “Americans”. Political analysts and media reporters confirm to us that life after September 11th will never be the same for us as Americans, but they forgot to remind us the reason to that maybe because life has always been like this for the victims of our foreign policies. This policy that was hiding below our eyesight’s under the rob of nationalism, joined in by media and politicians in separating it from September 11th events, and made this policy vanish as if it was not for our children, and children of the world, we have to know and discover how we became so oblivious from watching our foreign policies that works not only to spread terror and fear in the world, but in supporting tyrant political regimes and systems in its oppression around the world, using terror to submit their people in the name of spreading peace and stability.


This article is just the introduction of Dr. William Albert which is an article for bleeding hearts.