Fasting And The Cure Of The Century’s Disease

Fasting and the cure of the century’s disease 1

One of the most killing diseases of the century is obesity, resulted increase of death levels around the world, even with the spread of public health matters in the U.S while taking reasons of prevention, but American national statistics for health and food shows that more than 50% of the American society is suffering from weight gain or obesity, those results show a 9% increase in individuals with excessive weight in comparison to the last statistics 20 years ago.

What is important for us here is that, there are studies in the Middle East that confirms obesity is higher in the Arab world than in any other places, those studies done by Dr. Abdurrahman Al naeem and a group of doctors in King Khalid University hospital in Riyadh on 13’177 Saudi’s, that showed increase of weight and obesity in the Saudi society considered the highest in the world, whether compared to WTO standards or U.S standards, it was also found that the percentage is higher with levels of higher income, it is also higher percentage of women than men.

Those results confides extremely dangerous aspects, especially in the future due to the fact that the majority of the Saudi society currently is below 30 years of age, in other words, it is expected in the coming years for more people to be affected by this deadly disease, due to the increase in people affected by obesity and weight gain as they grow older.

The World health organization recently confirmed those predictions about a Global Obesity Epidemic for the next century that requires us to do positive and effective work on global standards.

And it is obvious, the increase of scientific evidences that confirms the severe damages to health from obesity and weight gain, to which helps affecting the body with a lot of diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, hearth diseases, fatty level, gallstones, Joint cartilage rheumatism in the knees and the increase of some kinds of cancer such as colon, prostate, gallbladder, womb and breast cancer among others.

Some studies indicate that fasting followed by breaking the fast with a moderate and balanced to help decrease the weight of individuals affected by obesity, but does not have a big affect on moderate weights, due to the fact that, fasting results in balancing your body functions, directly helping to get rid of the extra weight only.


Fasting and the cure of the century’s disease 2

Today we continue our subject in fasting and obesity, we spoke about some of the diseases that helps obesity from happening, and how fasting followed by a balanced meal helps decreasing the weight of individuals suffering from obesity, but for this benefit to happen, fasting should be followed with some terms and conditions to be applied for the best benefits:

First: Once you break your fast never too much, which is usually measures by filling only 1/3 of your stomach space.

Many individuals affected by obesity claim that they do not east large quantities of food, but some would say they even eat once a day, but after accurate scientific studies in what those individuals do and by calculating calories taken by them, comparing them with the amount of calories burnt, it was found that the amount of calories taken exceeded by far the amount of movement necessary to burn those calories.

Recent studies showed the mistake in previous definitions which is traced back to obesity diseases and weight gain to the decrease of calories burning percentage in the body, to which those scientific studies confirmed that obesity is a result of increasing food quantity taken as oppose to the movement necessary to burn that amount, and opposite to that, it was found that the speed of burning with individuals that are affected with obesity is higher from their peers with typical and correct weight levels.

It is good to take notice here that decreasing weight between (5 – 10%) only, help reducing the percentage of many mentioned complications from heart diseases, high cholesterol levels and as such.

Second: Movement and work is a must to burn calories taken when breaking your fast, it is advisable to increase workout in the cases of obese individuals that turns more burned calories than taken, which results in decreasing weight and burn body fat.

Not only that, but movement, work and energy during fasting periods for healthy people has many great benefits that cannot be accomplished or completed unless with movement, from those movements it becomes with an activated function of the metabolism during the day, moving stored energy to clean all sorts of poisons clustered in fat tissue.

But the psychological and mental benefits of fasting is vast, what’s unknown about it is even greater, and how not when such an act is considered the highest act of Muslim duties.