Fear God With Your Nations

 Fear God with your nations 1 


I left my clinic in King Faisal specialized hospital in Jeddah late as usually reaching my car by 10 at night, and before entering the car I hear cries of a baby in the next car, I looked and noticed moving kids in the backseat of the car, I looked further more and did not see anyone else, but the kids in the car, driven with senses of responsibility as a Muslim, a father and a Doctor to check on the kids safety, I came closer to the car only to see 3 kids between the ages of 2 and 5 years old, screaming and shouting with ache locked in the car where they cannot get out and no one can come in, I was shocked with what I saw, what father or mother leave their kids like this, and what issue in the world would drive them to do what they did? I started talking with the oldest of them from behind the window trying to calm them as much as I can, and waited beside the car, after 10 minutes my worries started to increase, especially that I do not know how much time those kids have been there and how the conditions of breathing and air inside the car, I started to think like a doctor in the worst case scenarios, and called the security people in the hospital who came quickly and successfully opening the car windows and doors after 20 minutes, then the search for their parents inside the hospital, time has passed all of us worried about the 3 kids left by their parents, not believing what we have just witnessed, and how if one of our kids away from our eyes in this ages for moments we would become worried, so what is the case with those parents leaving their kids in this harsh way.


35 minutes later I asked the security to call the police which was refused as the start, but after insisting and using my mobile to call their number the security guy cooperated and called the police, during this time a colleague of mine in the way home passed us by and so he stopped, when realizing what has happened he told me: do you want to change the world?! I answered: No… But I change what my eyes witness as much as I can in the hopes of making it better, and I cannot leave this spot, and then he tells me:  your wife and kids are waiting for you and your are going to lose your night away, I responded by telling him, she is the one that asked me not to leave my place before those kids reach to safety, he laughed and continued his way home.


The waiting became long… and the kids still crying regardless what we do to entertain them; we checked the car and found that it has a high temperature, which confirms that the engine was working for a while.


Finally, after an hour of waiting, and God only know how long before that, and yes after a whole hour, a man and a woman from far walking towards us slowly, as for the man having features of that which is religious from the beard and the shortened clothing, and the woman is covered from head to toe.


And before they reach to us, the police car was already there, where the man ordered the women to enter the car where then I approached him by saying: “Have you no fear of God” while the man start to express a surprise look on his face, and started to explain to him the dangers of what he did and the many cases where kids die from suffocation in the case carbon monoxide leakage, or even fire, rubbery and hurt, and all this has happened before, and examples of that are Saudi kids who are treated from 3rd degree burns due to the negligence of parents towards their kids by leaving them in the car while running earns to come back and find their kids burnt all over their bodies, and today those kids walk the earth with mutilated faced and burnt repulsive skins that scared people on sight or brings sympathy in their hearts.


The father kept arguing me until I told him: what you did was disastrous but the fact that you still insist what you was not wrong is even more disastrous, which means that you will repeat the mistake again, and if you were in a western country, they would have taken your kids away from you this night, and you and your wife would be forced to sign and obligation, and a whole process of investigations will happen by putting you under psychological and mental tests to make sure of your ability to raise your children, and when I told him who I was, the face of the father changed, he told me that he knows me since long ago from my articles, and that he feels ashamed to withstand this situation with me, I told him it is better to feel shame towards God and himself for what he did, the father started to feel shame surrounded by twenty eyes looking contemptuously at him, then he took his hand out to shake my hand and promised that he will never do such a thing again, and the police man of course had nothing to offer but spoke with the father in a gentle way almost like being apologetic.


Everyone then, went back to their lives, and I went back to my car exactly an hour later, on my way home, I recalled what prophet ‘Mohammad’ said on a women who was promised hell for locking away a cat, without feeding or leave it be to eat from good of the earth, and where god forgave the sins of another one who gave his shoe filled with water from the well to the dying dog from thirst, and I said to myself, what have become of those parents in dealing with the most precious and clean souls on earth, our kids, our own flesh and blood, if there was who went to hell and heaven in a dog and a cat, what becomes of those parents, will this beard, shortened cloth and covered dress be their savior? Or is it a superficial understanding of Islam? What ignorance and negligence ego is this?


Add to that, what will be stained as an experience to those kids from feelings of abandonment and negligence, where psychological studies show that the repeat of such incidents in the child life, creates the sense of losing value and faith in the ability of change for the child, where crying is the only way children can express themselves, and with repeating to neglect and give no regards to their cries and shouting, those children will form a belief that they have no value to their parents, and that there is no one who listens to them and their suffering, creating a negative generation unable to change and be creative and where communities who lack confidence in themselves in changing conditions that is forced on them even if has oppression and humiliation.


In if this is what fathers do to treat their own flesh and blood; we cannot wait from our communities other than that of treatment of teachers for their students, and managers to their employees, and rulers to their people.


Fear God with your nations 2  


I wrote in my previous article titled “Fear God with your nations” where I have narrated to the readers an actual story that happened with me, the summery of that story where parents have left their children (Aged 2 to 5) screaming, crying and pleading, locked in a car and cannot get out not anyone can get in for more than an hour, and what happened between me and the children’s father from discussion and spoke about the consequences of his actions and their indications and dimensions while relating those concepts to the current generations, communities and nation, and I finished my article by saying: “In if this is what fathers do to treat their own flesh and blood; we cannot wait from our communities other than that of treatment of teachers for their students, and managers to their employees, and rulers to their people”.


I did not imagine while writing my article the reactions that has been made on wider levels, thus receiving after hours of publishing the article ten’s of faxes and emails flooding continuously the following 3 days, as if I laid my hands on a deep wound where it started to hurt.


I saw goodness when I read the responses that indicated how aware individuals are still of the disease that is becoming of their communities, and knows where it hurts the most, and in admitting there’s a disease is the first indication of taking with reasons of treatment and achieve cure.


The letters where no much different from each other, although the differences of educational, intellectual and social backgrounds, exceeding a 100 letters, all supporting what I have written, overwhelmed with words and feelings that I feel unworthy off.


A letter has stopped me carrying in its folds from love and intimacy as the others, but the owner has added a soft criticism, I would love to share with my readers as usual.


The reader has criticized my mention of the characters of the parents who made the mistake against their children and the community before that and in the rights to God himself who gave them custody of the most precious holding on the earth of pure souls where I said in my article: “And after a whole hour from waiting, a man and a woman appeared from far, walking slowly towards us with indications of religious factors for the man where he had a long beard and shortened clothing and the women was covered from head to toe.


One of the biggest seditions is to commit ethical wrongs from those who promised to represent the images of their religious commitment, for those who let their beards grow following the traditions of the prophet ‘Mohammad’ becomes a represent of Islam whether they like it or not, the same way all images of external commitments, and this commitment forces and bounds their owners to increase to watch on themselves and their actions, as the community looks upon them and where they’re suppose to have ethical, educational and spiritual reflection to their exterior looks, thus being able to avoid making religion as rituals, traditions and exterior looks, empty from all meanings and spirits.


Islam is the reason to all Muslims. However, Muslims are not the reason of Islam, and any actions that do not go with the spirit of Islam, its ethics and goals, Islam is innocent from them.


My motive to mention what I have mentioned is due to my jealousy on the traditions of our prophet ‘Mohammad’ and those who carry and wear his exterior traits should carry with them, his ethics and creditability in the essence and core.